Inspiration He starts his poor parenthood off by giving his son the "perfect" name out of spite: Rumplestiltskin. He is also a lot older in this version, being much more alluring and seductive to some of the female characters. After being met with a warm welcome, he attempts to gain the others' trust by getting Felix sent to jail, but Emma notices something is up with the child when she gives him back his book of fairytales and he reacts indifferently. On the bright side, Pan thinks it'd be a good idea for him to go back to Belle in Storybrooke and have a new child with her as it'll be the only future he can have without dying. Opportunity soon arose, however, and father and son, by aid of a magic bean, returned to the land in which they would never grow up, but Malcolm still couldn't fly. He also leaves her with one last alarming detail, that by the end of all this, she won't just feel like an orphan but will also be one. Pan's main focus is the retrieve the Heart of the Truest Believer, which currently resides inside his great-grandson, Henry Mills. ("Good Form"), Pan interrupts Mr. Gold while he is attempting to use foresight to look into the future to tell him it's not possible on the island since Neverland is a place where time stands still. ("Devil's Due"), Deciding to do whatever it takes to void Hades' contract on his child, Mr. Gold finds Pan and strikes a deal with him. Pan brings up the silver lining in Mr. Gold's cloudy life, which the latter believes is by killing him, all troubles will be gone. He invites her to Neverland to be a mother to his gang, the Lost Boys, children who were lost in Kensington Gardens. He introduces himself to her, prompting a defensive reaction from Emma, who demands to know where Henry is. ("Quite a Common Fairy"), When the Lost Boys are vigorously celebrating around a campfire in Pan's compound, it upsets Pan to see that Henry isn't joining in with the festivities, especially considering the fact that the party is being held in his honor. Needing to save him, Baelfire offers himself over, and the shadow takes the boy and flies away with him. ("Nasty Habits"), Sometime after bringing many of the boys with him to the island as companions, Pan discovers it is possible to maintain his immortality by having the heart of the truest believer and ends up with a parchment drawing of a young boy. Enchanted Forest Character In the note, Pan addresses Rumple as his son and tells him that the shop is his to do with as he wishes, adding that his offer still stands. They plead with Henry that Pan is feeding him lies. Using the Black Fairy's wand, Rumplestiltskin manages to return Pan and Henry to their original bodies, and confronts Pan himself. Pan confirms Henry has to believe in him and then commands Wendy to go back into her cage. With that, he summons it and regains the magical dagger he previously gave it, using this to stab Pan in the back. He put on a charming facade to manipulate Henry and earn his trust. It is revealed that Pan needed the heart of the truest believer so that he could remain immortal in Neverland. Hook disobeys him and saves David's life instead of committing butchery. Portrayed by: However, due to the deal he made with the shadow, he will be one soon, and leaving Rumple is the price for that. He does, but aims at Pan instead. You think this wolf man is me? He offers it, no strings attached, though Mr. Gold is suspicious of his intentions. At first, Henry takes the meaning figuratively, thinking he simply needs to have a strong belief, but Pan clears up the misunderstanding. The battle between the parties last for days, and eventually, they retrieve Henry and return to their home in the real world, known as Storybrooke, with Pan imprisoned. Peter goes to see Rumple, knowing he would be able to get past his protection spell as he has no shadow. Then, the villain meets with his Lost Boys and orders that Neal's cage be hung up along another cage containing someone else... ("Good Form"), Pan appears before Rumple when the latter is attempting to see the future and he informs the Dark One that he can't predict a future in a place where time stands still. Pan, eating the eggs because Rumple won't, tries to convince the Dark One to go back to Storybrooke and start a new family with Belle, as he's already lost Neal yet again and Henry is unobtainable as Rumple would have to go through him, which Pan knows he cannot do. As Henry collapses, Pan gains what he always wanted—the heart of the truest believer. They continue their journey and eventually reach the same Dreamshade that killed Liam, Hook's brother. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, after abandoning Pan, Rumple double-crosses his father by sending him to the River of Lost Souls. ("Lost Girl"), When Henry wakes up, Pan allows him to try his hand at target practice by hitting an apple placed on Felix's head. Emma pins him against a tree and demands to be told where Henry is, but Pan turns the situation around by giving her a blank map that will reveal to her Henry's location once she stops denying who she really is. However, they reach a dead end: a gorge. him in the back. Latest appearance: Whereas Killian is wary, Liam doesn't buy the young man's tale. Time Slot: 8:00 PM-9:00 PM EST on ABC. Well, I'm much worse. As Pan grows more powerful, Henry collapses to the floor and his parents rush to his side in horror. Peter Pan is a devilish character, who threatened the safety of John and Michael in order to persuade Wendy to do what he wanted. Pan ends the note by saying that they can be a family again, signing off as "your father", and Rumple inspects Pan's pan flute before locking up and using what his father has left behind.

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