• Type II wallpaper• UL GREENGUARD GOLD certified• REACH compliant• high durability, scratch and wear resistant• FSC certified• flame resistant: Class A, CA 1237, B1, M1, and ISO 5660 certification• highly mold and mildew resistant• water resistant• long-term performance• ideal for high traffic environments. Because of the way it reflects light, this wallcovering will create a slightly different feel depending on the angle at which you view it. This wallpaper can be installed using traditional application. Since there are many different types of wallcoverings on the market—some for very specific uses—it is important to understand the qualities of each type and in what type of environment the wallcoverings will be used. They are frequently used for commercial buildings. Adhesion is measured based on how easy it is to apply, solids, strippability, and wet-track. They allow for elegant printing techniques without having to sacrifice the strength of the wallcovering. More info about Commercial Grade Wallcoverings. Establish a Layout Prior to installation, lay out all of the panels in their correct sequence, using the included Installation Diagram as reference. The perfect wallcovering for young children or office conference rooms, this particular type of covering is made of vinyl and polyester. Nonetheless, many of the types of wallcoverings outlined below have historical importance, and can be produced by specialty manufacturers or custom firms. You will need to make decisions about your wallcoverings and adhesives to minimize the problem. The ability to hold up while being pulled. They tend to be more breathable, so that walls do not trap moisture. It must meet several minimal requirements set by the Federal Specification CCC-W-408D; breaking strength, blocking resistance, crocking, and tear resistance. LOOK• Non-woven, high performance The check ensures that the vertical distance between the two identical points on different strips are appropriately aligned. The resistance to items sticking or adhering to other surfaces with wallcovering after touching under set conditions for loading, temperature, and time. Discuss moisture and vapor control and how it will affect each of the types of wallcovering you are considering to get the best results. wallcovering 02 vinyl. We also offer custom coloring to accommodate your unique color scheme. • Easily cleanable, maintainable Materials which achieve 25 or less in flame spread and generally 75 in smoke density (this can vary by municipality) will enable a wallcovering to be used in all areas of a building (Class A / Class 1 areas being highest occupancy areas). The primary difference between clear and clay adhesives is the addition of clay to the paste to increase both the wet-tack and solid level. • Meets or exceeds requirements of a Type II wallcovering under CCC-408D You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Association Management Software Powered by. A second kind, called osnaburg, is better for areas that see medium to heavy usage, particularly hallways and corridors. Natural polymers are the primary base of these clear adhesive pastes, including cornstarch and wheat. A contract wallcovering with a paper base material that is laminated to a decorative surface. You will need to apply three strips to verify that the pattern has been done correctly. 2015 - 2020 Commercial Wall Decor. The ability of the wallcovering not to shrink over 1% when immersed in water for at least 30 minutes, then being set out to dry. Cross Machine Direction-fill: Exceeds Type II minimum of 25 lbs. MR-FV-02176 Platinum. Some patterns, such as stripes, do recommend a straight hang to ensure the directional quality. Linen wallcoverings are also more resistant to mold and other growths. All Rights Reserved. • 3rd party certified -          Add vapor minimizers and airflow on the outside of the structure to ward off moisture. The primary cause of these two fungal growths is having an excess of moisture, whether from a wallcovering that does not breathe or walls that hold in the moisture. ScrubabilityThe ability to hold up to being scrubbed with a brush and prescribed detergent. The upcoming calendar is currently empty. Customization: Juju offers Type II vinyls, Type II Mylars and PVC-free Terralon substrates in a variety of textures and finishes as part of our custom wallcovering program. Juju Papers can accommodate the finish, scale and budget of any commercial project. Organic wallcoverings are made of sustainable resources. Locations with heavy traffic, such as the entry way of a public building or hallway of a hospital commonly have this wallcovering because it meets a higher Federal Specification for abrasion resistance, colorfastness, and stain resistance, in addition to having higher standards than all of the specifications regulated for Type I.

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