It was a Saturday night meeting, and it lasted until midnight. We acknowledge Your presence, and we ask that You will mingle in our thoughts and our outlook tonight as the Scripture comes alive for each one of us. And I take off. And when I learned about the Sabbath, I went to my pastors, and I asked ten pastors, "Why don't we keep the Sabbath anymore?" Communicating. Just one little murder, 90%, how's that?" The source for everything happening at Amazing Facts. People have got so many things and so many devices to keep us busy that there's no time to, "Be still and know that I am God." And we appreciate your faithfulness, and we're so glad that you're here. And yet it carries on. You see, it goes all the way back to the beginning, Genesis chapter 2. And that's not at all true. And when we go to church in heaven, Jesus will be the preacher, amen? Well, we're going to be dealing with some questions in our study tonight. “Then Paul, as his custom was, went in to them, and for three Sabbaths reasoned with them from the Scriptures” (Acts 17:2). Forty-three percent of all adults-- that'd be even in this room-- suffer adverse health effects from stress. Get yours before supplies run out. It’s not only a day in the past, but it also has meaning for us now and in the future. I've preached in Baptist churches, Methodist churches, Church of Christ, Assembly of God, Nazarene, Foursquare, I can't count. And I could see he was visibly upset by what I was saying. Watch on Global App. Those who do not worship the beast the way they're told are persecuted, and they can't buy or sell, and ultimately there's a death penalty. Remember when Jesus drove the money changers out of the temple? Does Sabbath keeping really affect people personally? So, if you love him, give Him your time. It is very disrespectful to trample upon God’s Sabbath. That's the law and the prophets. We're going to be talking about some very important things. You know, stress is considered one of the most deadly things that is happening to our society. It's called the perfect number. And so He expected His people to be remembering this on through time. Saved by Amazing Facts. Understanding the latest news through a biblical lens. Number five, which day did Jesus keep? But to suggest that the whole nation, 15 million of them right now, that they've all lost track of what their special, sacred day is, they've been keeping it ever since before the exodus, and they know. The dragon is a symbol for who? I want to quote something to you from Dwight Moody to prove what I was just saying. Because you know, don't kill, don't lie, don't steal, so that's okay now? In Ezekiel 46:1, God refers to Sunday as one of the six “working days.”. But isn’t the Sabbath for the Jews only?No. Adam went to sleep on the sixth day of the week, and God opened His side, and His bride was born. Access dozens of Amazing Facts topical Scripture books from Pastor Doug and others. These Christians all kept Sabbath holy, so Paul suggested that on Sunday morning, after the Sabbath was over, they put aside something for their needy brethren so it would be on hand when he came. According to Romans 14:5, isn’t the day we keep a matter of personal opinion?Notice that the whole chapter is on judging one another (verses 4, 10, 13) “over doubtful things” (verse 1). So, when God says keep the Sabbath day holy, it's because back in Genesis, He said, "I blessed it, and I made it holy." But isn’t it dangerous to tamper with God’s law? Comments containing telephone numbers or email addresses will not be approved. Zoroastrian Avesta I worked with the Native Americans for about a year and a half, and I remember some of my Sioux and Navajo friends say, "Oh yeah, long before the bilagaana came," the white man, they said, "we had a 7-day week." I thought that was so fascinating. Mathematical, there's nothing in the sun, moon, or stars that gives you a 7-day week. “The seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God” (Exodus 20:10). The devil is saying, "No, work, work, work. They haven't gotten to Mount Sinai yet, you still with me? This is New Testament. But they are taping it, so we might make a half an hour show and show you what goes on behind the scenes to put a program like this together. By the way, Christ has been quoting in the Sermon on the Mount, from the Ten Commandments. The source for everything happening at Amazing Facts. And we're going to be sharing with you some things. You know, I heard one time about these two country towns decided to have a competition. Your group leaders have some other review information to share with you before you leave. The whole purpose of that seventh day is about a love relationship with God and resting in the Lord. You know, I think it's odd that-- I just want you to know, friends, I should make it very clear right here I believe that there are good, Spirit-filled, godly, loving people in many different churches. The Myths of the Thanksgiving Story and the Lasting Damage They Imbue. The Lost Evidence is a television program on The History Channel which uses three-dimensional landscapes, reconnaissance photos, eyewitness testimony and documents to reevaluate and recreate key battles of World War II. Why would God not think that we need rest now and a special blessed time for worship? Subscribe to Smithsonian magazine now for just $12, Why the P-47 Thunderbolt, a World War II Beast of the Airways, Ruled the Skies, Missing Australian Masterpiece Spent 115 Years Hiding in Plain Sight, Hegra, an Ancient City in Saudi Arabia Untouched for Millennia, Makes Its Public Debut, Medicinal Plant May Have Evolved Camouflage to Evade Humans, A History of Felines, as Narrated and Illustrated by a Cat, Well-Preserved Remains of Two Vesuvius Victims Found in Pompeii. And I could go through all of the commandments and they'd say amen. Sometimes she'll say, "Doug, we're not spending any time together." The Bible says the saved people of all ages will keep the Sabbath in the new earth.

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