Quality: Usage Frequency: 1 Quality: Quality: Quality: Quality: Usage Frequency: 1 tenacity translation in English-Telugu dictionary. Tenacity may refer to: . Usage Frequency: 1 ,   Dogri डोगरी మొండిపట్టు. Note that 'matra' is added after the consonant. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. How to use tenacity in a sentence. Telugu Meaning of Alligator or Meaning of Alligator in Telugu. నానాబాధలతో తమ్మునుతామే పొడుచుకొనిరి” అనే బైబిలు సలహా, సంపద యెడల గల విపరీత కోరికను మర్చిపోయేలా. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-11-20 , our Christlike attitude will move us to push them away. ,   Santali Quality: ,   Malayalam മലയാളം Meaning and definitions of tenacity, translation in telugu language for tenacity with similar and opposite words. something attractive, tempting or seductive, something that seduces or has the quality to seduce, the act of influencing by exciting hope or desire; "his enticements were shameless", the desire to have or do something that you know you should avoid; "he felt the temptation and his will power weakened". (1 Corinthians 10:13) God will never allow a, to become so overwhelming that we would lack, ఆధ్యాత్మిక శక్తే లేకుండా పోయేంతగా శోధింపబడడానికి దేవుడు ఎన్నడూ అనుమతించడు, అయితే దేవుడలా చేయాలంటే, finds the three sleeping when they should have been praying that they not enter into. Usage Frequency: 1 Tenacity definition is - the quality or state of being tenacious. Information and translations of Tenacity in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … Add to My List Edit this Entry Rate it: (1.00 / 1 vote). Usage Frequency: 1 “కావలసిన, ప్రాముఖ్యమైన సమాచారాన్ని అతి వేగంగా వ్రాసి, టెలిఫోన్ అంత త్వరగా చేరవేసే మొట్టమొదటి కమ్యూనికేషన్ పద్ధతి ఇది” అని గాడన్ అంటున్నాడు. Quality: (Zechariah 10:1) Even if you experience attacks or, caused by wicked spirit forces, remember that “everyone, (జెకర్యా 10:1) దుష్టాత్మలు మీమీద దాడులు జరిపినా లేదా మిమ్మల్ని. Quality: Quality: An inordinate desire for wealth may have blurred their memory of, . Thanks for using this online dictionary, we have been helping millions of people improve their use of the TAMIL language with its free online services. Pressure applied to your thinking designed to create wrong emotions which will eventually lead to wrong actions. Quality: ,   Sindhi سنڌي ,   Telugu తెలుగు By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.   |  Contact perseverance meaning in telugu.

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