("Good Form"), At their camp, Mary Margaret and David watch Regina teach Emma how to light a fire with magic. As Mary Margaret and her husband walk along the beach, they come across Ariel after she washed ashore. Later, Mary Margaret packs up and goes to her car, which still has the faded lettering of "tramp" on the window. They believe it's a lie, but he insists that someone sent it. When caught, both attempt to hide under the covers, though Henry seems to buy their excuse that they are just resting up. Pointedly, Archie reminds her of how much she missed with Emma. Regina appeals to Emma that she has done everything to change thus far and wouldn't throw it all away by killing Archie. The four head off towards Rumplestiltskin's old cell to find the squid ink. In truth, she heads into the diner at exactly eight-fifteen just to get a glimpse of David. Suddenly, Leroy gets an idea runs up to the roof of the church to cause a power outage; therefore forcing the townspeople to stock up on candles, and they sell out completely. Regina states she always has been good, but Mary Margaret suggests that all her actions thus far have been evil. Shortly after, she cautions Emma against using unsavory methods to get Henry. ("A Land Without Magic"), Upon remembering her true identity as Snow White, Mary Margaret is happily reunited with several of her friends from the Enchanted Forest, including Red Riding Hood, Granny, and the Seven Dwarves. She makes off to free it, and ignores David's warning about the upcoming storm. Mary Margaret defends her daughter against the accusation, to which Regina apologizes; citing her bout of anger is due to worry over Henry. Mary Margaret has no choice but to leave him behind as she begins waking up from the Netherworld. Emma, however, is willing to take the chance since they have no one else to rely on to help them get back to David and Henry. ("True North"), A few days after, Mary Margaret is in a morning rush; citing to Emma that she and her students are making a volcano. In a moment with her daughter, Emma reiterates how happy she and Henry were in New York, though Mary Margaret knows that was because their memories were gone. However, despite that Hook taught Neal how to navigate using the stars, he also coached him against revealing secrets of his own map. Giancarlo Esposito is now a major lead actor on the NBC Revolution (which I like but getting the SyFy treatment). Instead of relief, Mary Margaret immediately regrets her actions. Mary Margaret laments over the life they would have had as a family. Awakening, she goes to check on her son and finds an insomniac David, who is worried about the women revealing their secret. With Regina's power, the Shadow becomes the ship sail and flies them homeward. While Mary Margaret is overjoyed to see Emma and realizes she saved them all by breaking the curse, she is a little stunned when Emma states she needs time and space to adjust to the new situation. ("Smash the Mirror"), In the clock tower, Mary Margaret and her allies witness the cloud formation of Ingrid's spell, which will take effect by sundown. Emma makes the effort to unveil the map by stating facts about herself, with encouragement from her parents, but nothing works. As he dies, she is pushed out of the room. She has a joyful reunion with David, who she remembers as Prince Charming. Suddenly, a shocked Emma returns home, revealing Neal died during a confrontation with Tamara, as her parents console her. David directs all the residents to take cover at town hall while he attempts to clear up the misunderstanding with Anton. They bond as Mary Margaret reassures Emma that she is looking out for her. With Mr. Gold's help, David and Emma investigate Regina's plans to cast a curse of the empty-hearted, and one of the ingredients is her most hated enemy, Mary Margaret. Working together, Mary Margaret and Emma reel one of the creatures on the fishing line as Regina scares off the remaining horde with fire. Continuing to sail, the ship is attacked by mermaids. Suspecting August's actions today have been selfless, true and brave, Mother Superior tests her wand on him and reverts him to a seven-year old Pinocchio. Later on, Mary Margaret and David head to the pawnshop to deliver the bad news about Neal to Belle and Hook. Good catch. While Mary Margaret and her husband firmly believe Regina is the main suspect, Emma is still not convinced she has done anything wrong and believes Mr. Gold is framing the mayor. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. ("The Stranger"), Mary Margaret discovers Emma's belongings missing from the apartment; meaning she has just up and left town. She is unsure since magic makes Emma special, but David wants to support Emma if being ordinary is crucial to her happiness. She also believes Emma will use her abilities wisely. Mother Superior, on cue, attempts to freeze Regina, but she catches the dust in midair and tosses it aside. Wordlessly, she embraces a grieving Belle. He confesses to texting while driving. ("The Snow Queen"), Despite an all-night hunt, Mary Margaret, David, Elsa and Hook return home without finding Emma. They agree that it's too difficult to not be together and dive into a passionate kiss. She doesn't recognize the man at all, but brightly suggests perhaps someone who loves him will find him someday. Mary Margaret, David Emma, Leroy and Ruby try to break into the stranger's phone to learn who he is. However, when Regina doesn't contact them within the scheduled time, the couple search for her. Emma suggests for her to play along with Henry's idea so he will realize on his own that fairytales are not real. Noticing Elsa and the potion are gone, they and Henry track Emma's car trail. While they are gone, Mary Margaret and David have some intimate alone time. After cramming the heart into Mary Margaret's chest, Regina then tells her to leave. ("It's Not Easy Being Green"), To keep Mary Margaret safe, Regina places a protection spell on the apartment.

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