I’m not a dyeing expert, but I have a very simple process that’s worked so far! Here it is. In addition to this the time available for diffusion of dyestuff until oxidation commences is too short. For 100 kg of Indigo, Caustic Required= 90 kg Hydro Required= 80 kg, About the author : M Bilal Tariq has worked as a Deputy General Manager in a reputed Denim Mill in Pakistan . After the rope has reached your desired color, remove it from the dye and rinse it in fresh, cold water until the water begins to run clear. Keep in mind that any dye that is used for dyeing 100% cotton T-shirts is effective for dyeing twisted cotton rope, as they are made from the same material! Because the water is cold, the rope will need to remain in the mixture longer than with warm water methods. I’m writing this post before I actually got my finished result, because I’ve just gone out to the garage and looked at the drying rope, and it looks fucking glorious. I only ask that while you are showing off your amazing new skills, you send anyone who is interested in learning my way, instead. This has a negative influence on dyeing and depth of dye penetration. Add 2 ml of starch/KI indicator. So this is looking really successful so far; I’m really excited! Caustic Soda or pH value. I suspect the handcream treatment is a lot gentler and will likely pose less risk to colour, but I’ll update once I know more. If high temperature is used there is always some chance of tendering of yarn. Washing is done to improve the rubbing fastness. shores. Your rope colour looks amazing – it reminds me of raspberries. Which I knew I’d be doing.

It is not easy to find, (I get mine from Niroma Studio) but most of the times I don’t have it on hand, and when inspiration strikes I need it NOW.

Surface of the squeeze rolls should be ground twice a year. Dye take up can be improved by: 1. Then lay it out to dry on an old towel. The water that goes gives the readings of the reduced hydro. It belongs to KI class of dyes. A lot has changed since then… to the point where I’m now documenting, sharing information, and showing other people how to do all the things I couldn’t do back then. Just this absolutely beautiful, vibrant red. Definitely my idea of a good time. To wash: Place the rope in a large saucepan with mild soap, pouring in warm water until it just covers the hank. The dyeing is done at room temperature as indigo belongs to Ik class of vat dyes, where dyeing is done at room temperature and oxidation is done by air only and not by chemicals. Follow the instructions that come with the dye. Importance of High Concentration of Free Hydrosulphite. Denim Jeans | Trends, News and Reports | Worldwide -.

Thoroughly soak the rope in warm water and then place it in a dry, shallow dish.

By the way – this process can and does cause blisters, but if you really want solid color all the way through, it’s worth it. Step 2. The rope is going to be opened at Long Chain Beamer. Add the cotton rope to the water. It is generally 1.2% of the weight of the yarn. The kind of thing I absolutely love making happen.

However some extra SHS needs to be taken to avoid some decomposition of SHS. Our highly professional staff provides proper feedback from contract till shipment execution. I measured out about 9 lengths of shibari length (8 metres, approximately) and 5 smaller lengths of 4 metres each for column ties, blindfolds, gags, etc.

Wash at 60 deg.–> Wash at 60 deg.–> Wash at room temperature–> wash with softener Why Softener: 1. Flip the rope over to sprinkle the underside. My own experience is mostly with 5 – 6 mil; I’ve heard that when you go thicker than that it makes for a more cumbersome sort of experience, but I’ve never tried it. b. When I got my hemp rope it was 10mm and raw. Blog Directory Top Blog Sites 1 litre of air decomposes 1.8 litres of Sodium Hydrosulphide. wet pick up is as low as 60%. The stovetop method uses hot water and is the most common means of dyeing cotton rope. It is easily dyed as is. On a yarn sulphur is of two types : 1. Add dye (liquid or powder - it doesn’t matter). The on tone fading and the bleach down properties of indigo blue has generated a lot of denim jeans fashions like stone, ice faded looks, etc.

After an hour, rinse the rope until the water runs clear (it may be a bit brown—this is normal) and let it dry. For protein fibres, a weaker alkaline solution is used. This is really, really good quality rope; looked fucking amazing coming off the reel before I’d even done anything to it. It is a cationic softener. Indigo Rope Dyeing when dyeing according to the rope dyeing or cable dyeing method. The objectives of pre-scouring are the removal of wax content from cotton, removal of trapped air from cotton yarn and Making yarn wet 2. Will this work with that cheap cotton dye you get at dollar stores? Check all sides and make sure there aren’t any glaringly bare areas. Usually 18 – 24 ropes are simultaneously process on the rope dyeing machine. If you wish to dye our twisted cotton rope, we suggest using our natural white rope as it will easily take up any color that you wish. Temperature 90 deg. Insufficient or unevenly dried yarns will result in poor rebeaming, Wt of yarn dyed /min= (4100*25*1000)/(7*840*202)= 7924 gms, Amount of dye to be replenished/min= 158.5 gms. ===============================================================================================, - 100% Cotton, Blended Carded /Combed Yarn Weaving & Knitting (Ring Spun, Auto Coro, O.E. I wouldn’t mind trying the washing machine method but I’m worried it will ruin the rope, how do you prevent a delicate rope from being agitated too much? 3rd Point Over all during sulphur dyeing and storing, the yarn strength is reduced by 15% as compared to Indigo. The dyed yarns are then sized & wound onto a warp beam to be ready for use in the weaving process. Mottled dying tends to result in less curls than dyeing through, soaked in a pot. What happens when you don’t do this is that the inner core of the rope remains brown, which gives you flashes of brown as you tie. On the other side, with lack of hydrosulphite, the leuco indigo is less dissolved and thereby adheres to a greater extent to the fibres. When caustic is added to indigo, it is an exothermic reaction. I , recently came across a very well written article on Rope Dyeing and thought it appropriate to share here.

*The sensitivity settings for neps is set at +280 for rotor spun yarn and not +200 as in case of ring spun yarn. ← Older Post

I’ve boiled and conditioned rope (hemp) before, but never dyed it.

Find high quality Rope Dyeing Process Suppliers on Alibaba. Sprinkle dye POWDER straight onto the rope. However, Rope Dyeing is a also a more difficult dyeing technology. It is measured by vatometer. And also really fucking excited. Signup for our newsletter and get notified when we publish new articles for free! Problem with this plan: giant stock pots capable of doing something like that are hard to come by, and EXPENSIVE.

To bring it back to its room temperature, cold wash is given to it.

Join to get special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals. Add 2 ml of 37% HCHO to 150 ml beaker. Should be from 11.5-12.5.

No need to untwist Ravenox’s twisted cotton rope to dye it. Wind your rope into a loose hank to prepare it for washing. I’m a kinky guy who once upon a time was challenged by his girlfriend to tie her up… and at the time, didn’t have a clue how. The next morning, the rope looked dark and burgundy as fuck . In this class, dyeing is done at cold and air oxidation is done to reoxidise the dye. 1. “How To Customize The Feel of Your Rope”. for approximately 60 gpl of NaOH–> 120 gpl of hydro is required, For 12 ropes, at 24 m/min, of 344 ends of 14000 m length of 7s count.

Rope dyeing consists of twisting the yarns into a rope that is then quickly dipped into indigo baths. As during oxidation of sulphur, strength is reduced by 10%. It’s been *thinks* eight years now, and a couple of washes (in a pillowcase in the machine), and there’s still a very faint hint on that conditioner aroma. then free hydro must be min. INDIGO DYEING 1. Thats what I meant. You may vary the time the rope is left in the dye mixture depending on how dark or light you would like it to be. It is always having pH in the range of 4 to 55. The dyeing of a textile fiber is carried out in a solution, generally aqueous, known as the dye liquor or dye bath. About this time it was decided to get some of the jute twine I use to whip my rope ends, and add that to the mix. For rope dyeing system, with chemical replenishment with Stock replenishment Indigo: NaOH: Na2SO4 :: 1:0.8:0.8 Without stock replenishment indigo: NaOH: Na2SO4:: 1:1:1.2 Chemical Feeding NaOH: Na2SO4: : 1: 1.2-1.6 ie. To ensure an even and good depth of dye penetration by dyeing in several passages, the reaction time should be 20-30 sec. I’m loving how it looks already. Caustinc Soda –> 10 gpl–> reducing agent 4. Leuco has got low affinity for cellulosic fibres. Check out our DIY cotton rope projects and uses here. Rope Dyeing: Rope dyeing consists of twisting the yarns into a rope that is then quickly dipped into indigo baths.

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