In Chinese traditional medicine, Zhichan is used to treat patients with Parkinson’s disease. One study (Zhao et al., 2009) showed that the efficacy of HM monotherapy was similar to placebo according to UPDRS II (P > 0.05), UPDRS III (P > 0.05) and total UPDRS score (P > 0.05) in PD patients who never received levodopa treatment. The editor and reviewers' affiliations are the latest provided on their Loop research profiles and may not reflect their situation at the time of review. So, she came with her mother to a Parkinson’s support group meeting sponsored by the Neuro Challenge Foundation for Parkinson’s, which had brought in representatives of Trulieve, a medical marijuana dispensary in Florida. Furthermore, frequently with these treatments can lead to obvious adverse events and efficacies diminished, as well as induce therapy-related motor complications such as dyskinesia, choreoathetosis, and fluctuations in motor function (Jenner, 2015). Dis. Michigan State University researcher Basir Ahmad seems to be a fan of it, too [3]. Articles. Neuroprotective effects of echinacoside in the mouse MPTP model of Parkinson's disease. Take our Quiz and we’ll help you get started! Treatment of idiopathic Parkinson's disease with traditional chinese herbal medicine: a randomized placebo-controlled pilot clinical study. It restores and revitalizes brain cells as well as the nerves and hence improves nervous function. doi: 10.1016/j.parkreldis.2016.07.019, Bi, J., Jiang, B., Liu, J. H., Lei, C., Zhang, X. L., and An, L. J. 15 Natural Herbs For Parkinson’s Disease Ginkgo Biloba. Tetrahydroxystilbene glucoside protects human neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells against MPP+-induced cytotoxicity. doi: 10.16306/j.1008-861x.2009.04.024, Qin, R., Li, X., Li, G., Tao, L., Li, Y., Sun, J., et al. I was placed on Sinemet 3 times daily, it helped me but not very much. Biomed. First, the members of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors published a statement requiring that all clinical trials must be registered in order to be considered for publication (DeAngelis et al., 2004). Catalpol, and tetramethylpyrazine (TMP) (from Rhizoma Ligustici Chuanxiong) prevented the decrease in the activities of superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione peroxidase, and inhibited malondialdehyde overproduction (Bi et al., 2008a; Lu et al., 2014; Li et al., 2016). It improves circulation of blood to the brain. (2016). J. Mol. J. Neurol. (2011). This particular herb clears away the toxins accumulated in the body due to Parkinson’s disease. Epidemiol. Neurosci. Complement. Shanghai J. Tradit. Parkinson's News Today is strictly a news and information website about the disease. Eleven out of fourteen studies (Guo, 2010; Kum et al., 2011; Pan et al., 2011, 2013; Zhao et al., 2013; Chen M. Y. et al., 2014; Guo et al., 2014; Li et al., 2016; Yu, 2016; Cai et al., 2017; Yang, 2017) reported no serious adverse events relevant with HM formulas, indicating that HM formulas were generally safe and well tolerated for PD patients. Product reviews are within range of typicality. In addition, combination of various herbs is also found to be helpful in alleviating symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. However, the other 3 studies did not provide any information on adverse event (Pan et al., 2009; Zhao et al., 2009; Wen et al., 2015). I was placed on Sinemet 3 times daily, it helped me but not very much. To explore the efficacy of HM monotherapy for PD is needed in the future. This natural sedative contains flavonoids, 8-pyrone derivatives and alkaloids. Received: 07 June 2018; Accepted: 15 October 2018; Published: 08 November 2018. They can’t relax at night. 109, 249–257. 80, 193–199. Herbal medicines for Parkinson's disease: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials. 22, 457–463. Neurosci Lett. Protocols were not available to confirm free of selective reporting. Marijuana Today -MjToday- is Your go-to site for Astragaloside IV attenuates the H2O2-induced apoptosis of neuronal cells by inhibiting α-synuclein expression via the p38 MAPK pathway. 30, 1442–1450. doi: 10.1016/j.ijsu.2010.02.007, Pan, W., Kwak, S., Li, G., Chen, Y., and Cai, D. (2013). (2006). Researchers declared, “These studies suggest it as an alternative in the future treatment of PD.”. J. Altern. (2017). I tried every shots available but nothing worked. After removing the trial, meta-analysis of 9 comparisons (Pan et al., 2009, 2011; Zhao et al., 2009; Chen M. Y. et al., 2014; Yu, 2016; Cai et al., 2017; Yang, 2017) showed that HM paratherapy was superior to the placebo (WMD: −3.26, 95% CI:−4.36 to −2.16, P < 0.00001; heterogeneity: Chi2 = 1.88, P = 0.98, I2 = 0%; Figure 3C). (2013). In China, HM could be traced in the Huangdi Neijing (Inner Canon of Yellow Emperor) (Zheng, 2009), the earliest existing classics in Chinese herbal medicine (CHM). 2015:189239. doi: 10.1155/2015/189239, Wen, L. L., He, Y., and Ji, L. (2015). All Content Given In This Site is For Information Use Only. In the only one study (Zhao et al., 2009), neither the experimental group nor the control group provide any information about adverse events. A previous study in Parkinson’s patients suggested that Zhichan powder helped to ease disease symptoms, especially gait disturbances, tremor, speech disorder, poor self-care ability, and restricted movement. The search strategy of PubMed was as follows, and was modified to suit other English or Chinese databases. Global, regional, and national life expectancy, all-cause mortality, and cause-specific mortality for 249 causes of death, 1980-2015: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2015. Zhang, G., Xiong, N., Zhang, Z., Liu, L., Huang, J., Yang, J., et al. (2009). You have permission to edit this article. Sci. J. Altern. Symptoms were tremor in right leg, loss of handwriting ability, and soft voice. Sci. 17:E904. Accuracy of clinical diagnosis of idiopathic Parkinson's disease: a clinico-pathological study of 100 cases. doi: 10.1111/ene.12476, Rocha, E. M., de Miranda, B., and Sanders, L. H. (2018). Non-motor symptoms (NMS) are common in PD patients across all disease stages and are a key determinant of QOL (Martinez-Martin et al., 2012). Gender-related differences in the burden of non-motor symptoms in Parkinson's disease. Studies were excluded if they were any one of the followings: (1) clinical trials evaluating the other alternative and complementary medicines mixed in the experimental group or control group in the treatment of PD; (2) single herb, herbal extracts and herbal components; (3) case series, reviews, comments and protocols; (4) animal studies and in vitro studies; (5) duplicated publications. (2011). Eur. One such herbal combination is Great Corydalis, which is a combination of the herbs Angelica dahurica and Corydalis. A trial (Li et al., 2016) had imbalanced baseline comparing HM with placebo. We Do not Intend to Treat or Cure Any Disease. Chin Med. Thus, it is worthy of further studies. The constituent of HM formulas for PD in each included study was recorded. Yellow dock, hawthorn and cayenne also perform the same function and bring relief to the patients of Parkinson’s disease by clearing off body toxins. Cannabinoids have powerful, indirect effects on these receptors, but researchers are unsure how. Acta Univ. “I try to keep up. G-QZ and C-SS: study conception and design; C-SS, H-FZ, Q-QX, Y-HS, YW, YLi, YLin, and G-QZ: acquisition, analysis and/or interpretation of data; G-QZ: final approval and overall responsibility for this published work. Observation of Clinical Curation Effect on Gui Lu Di Huang Capsule for the Treatment of Parkinson's Disease Which is Liver-Kidney yin Deficiency Type. Int. (2015). Mov. J. Aust. Get Dr. Group's Immunity Strengthening Guide, Certified organic virgin cold pressed coconut oil, Green tea may protect brain cells against parkinson's disease, Inhibition of inducible nitric oxide synthase expression and cell death by (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate, a green tea catechin, in the 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine mouse model of Parkinson's disease, Curcumin prevents aggregation in α-synuclein by increasing reconfiguration rate, Effect of a phytopharmaceutical medicine, Ginko biloba extract 761, in an animal model of Parkinson's disease: therapeutic perspectives, Turmeric and Black Pepper: A Winning Combination, The Benefits of Turmeric for Prostate Health, Curcumin Benefits: Understanding This Powerful Antioxidant.

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