This should make little diamond shapes. Click HERE to save the tutorial to Pinterest! Draw diagonal going lines criss-crossing the other lines on the fruit. To draw a pineapple, we need nothing at all – paper, pencil, pen or paint, a little time and patience. To begin with, let’s draw a pineapple shape – a rough, elongated oval and the upper part, where the leaves will be. Being by drawing an outline of the pineapple. These will be almost as tall as the pineapple itself so leave quite a bit of space. Also be sure to have enough room at the top of your drawing area for the crown of leaves. This modern kitchen staple is a tropical fruit native to the Americas, now cultivated all over the world. The pineapple is much more than the home of a fictional sponge in Nickelodeon's long running cartoon sitcom, Spongebob Squarepants. Easy, step by step Pineapple drawing tutorial. 6. It should be similar to an oval but with a somewhat flattened top and bottom. Pineapple is an exotic fruit of a herbaceous plant with a no less unusual appearance.

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