- the fish in general were poor, absolutely not interesting. Ces avis sont traduits automatiquement depuis l'anglais. Ce fut ma meilleure expérience culinaire de ma vie. The whole experience was just overwhelming and mindblowing. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. Et les raviolis à la poitrine de porc dans la chaudrée de palourdes de la Nouvelle-Angleterre étaient absolument divins. Je doute que vous le regrettiez. The 1st dessert was interesting. The 1st dessert was interesting. La renommée de ce restaurant vient-elle principalement des touristes qui ont une connaissance limitée de la nourriture? - Palme d’or for the sommelier. The experience at Osteria Francescana was welcoming, comfortable, and extremely hospitable – a reflection of the love and care that Bottura gives to his restaurant. - le risotto à la fraise, original, mais pas complètement perfectionné However this reservation system has lack of respect to potetial customers if you are forced to look at the screen for hours. Do they really assume we love it? We enjoyed the 11-course tasting menu, aptly named “Everything,” and we added in Bottura’s famous tortellini from the À La Carte menu. Fine, a tasting menu is all about artistry and creativity and reinvention, we get that. And we always had the feeling that the service team really enjoyed that we enjoyed it so much. This shouldn't really matter, but in my...More, The restaurant is amazing! How much time did they spend thinking about ridiculous names of dishes and colours and platings that look like they were done to amuse a 5 year old as opposed to thinking about the food in the plate? - the dining room is average. De même que la fois Gras la plus délicate garnie de miel de Manuka qui évoquait tellement une crème catalane. The tasting menu, as others have said, is themed on the Beatles' Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and the food provides a twist on some classic Italian dishes. We had lunch here in June 2016, when it was ranked #1 by San Pellegrino. Wine pairing was awesome and price is...aligned (290€/each for menu and 190€/each with additional wine pairing) The menu starts a bit slow, but then it picks up and becomes truly mind blowing. ! They’d make great design for earrings or a necklace! Rien ne pue un restaurant habilité qui vous arnaque comme des frais de couverture de 10 euros en plus d'une facture de près de 900 € Donc, je suppose que la grande question: cela en vaut-il la peine? Food was good, nice romantic place We wanted to guarantee seats so we called. Franchement, nous essayions depuis plus d'un an et avons réussi à attraper une table après le verrouillage. Some of the dishes are truly unforgettable. Totally worth it, although given that is on top of the menu, it starts to be a lot of food. - the strawberry risotto, original, but not completely perfected Basically everything: from the quality of the service to the environment (modern style semi kitch and eclectic). Nous y retournerons probablement pour goûter le menu Sensazioni. Le serveur ne sait pas si le chef est présent aujourd'hui (???). It started with "Pollution...More, Osteria Francescana is clearly an interesting and important restaurant. Les 4 heures se sont donc écoulées très rapidement et à la fin, nous étions pleins mais pas inconfortablement pleins. Vaut le voyage ! - la nourriture: qui pensent-ils être? If someone cancels their reservation, that’s all the more chance you have for your request to go through, but it can be though.Being flexible with dates and times is a great way to get in the Osteria’s “good graces” and your reservation is more likely to be confirmed. Et pas tout à fait le restaurant où vous iriez pour avoir la morue la plus fade au curry vert thaïlandais. Given that we live in Los Angeles, we set our alarm clocks for the middle of the night and got in the queue, but we were number 2,000 in the queue! The restaurant experience was superb from the moment we walked through the door. Since we flew all the way to Italy for this experience, we wanted the full Chef Bottura experience and we opted for the prix-fix menu along with the accompanying wine pairing. These can be used on lightroom mobile and desktop. L'espace unique du restaurant situé dans un ancien bâtiment de Modène est super charmant avec de petites chambres intimes ornées de belles et uniques pièces d'art contemporain. The service is soooo much better than in any other restaurant! For a long time we’ve been talking about how French food may not be the best in the world anymore blablabla. We just wanted to say thank you for this amazing experience - hope to have the chance again in the future. At a whopping 12 courses long, 4 hour affair, it seemed hardly practical to have to add another few on (strictly no substitutions as per the staff who encouraged us to order the other dishes) at a third of the cost of the tasting menu per dish (60-80 euros)!! VAT nr. Confidentialité et utilisation des cookies, Hôtels pas chers acceptant les animaux à Modène, Hôtels proches de la Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari, Hôtels proches de la Acetaia Giuseppe Giusti, Hôtels proches de la Casa Museo Luciano Pavarotti, Hôtels proches de la 4 Madonne Caseificio dell'Emilia, Hôtels proches de (BLQ) Aéroport de Bologne - Borgo Panigale, Hôtels proches de (PMF) Aéroport de Parme, Fruits de mer & Poisson restaurants à Modène, Les restaurants proposant une cuisine sans gluten à Modène, Meilleur(e) Coquilles Saint-Jacques à Modène, Les meilleurs restaurants servant le petit déjeuner à Modène, Restaurants avec service de livraison à Modène, Restaurants ouverts tard le soir à Modène, Restaurants sympas pour les enfants à Modène, Prenez le contrôle de votre page gratuite. Ask the staff if there’s something that can be done to fit you in, pointing out your availability. Getting a reservation is truly an act of faith, that's for sure. What's ironic is that the dishes, the themes, the descriptions are all full of vigor, but the ambience of the restaurant itself is sterile to a point of tedium. What's ironic is that the dishes, the themes, the descriptions are all full of vigor, but the ambience of the restaurant itself is sterile to a point of tedium. Cinque Terre Hiking Tours with Stunning Seascape. This was the first fine dining restaurant we've ever been too and we were worried we would feel out of place. The restaurant experience was superb from the moment we walked through the door. The waiter doesn’t know if the chef is in today (???). Obtenez des réponses rapides du personnel et personnes ayant visité le Osteria Francescana. Osteria Francescana social distancing guidelines. Mais si c'est l'un des concurrents les plus sérieux en matière de gastronomie, alors Dieu merci, nous sommes encore à des kilomètres. The world-famous award-winning, (three) Michelin star holding restaurant has become a celebrity of its own – one everyone who decides to visit Italy has at least once thought about eating at. Toronto, Canada. But making vegetables look like flower must have taken a lot of time... what’s the point? Note: your question will be posted publicly on the Questions & Answers page. when we received a call to say a table was available. Dans l'ensemble, nous avons passé environ 4 heures là-bas, et c'était incroyable. Pensent-ils vraiment que nous l'aimons? Is there any fee we need to pay in advance at the time of reservation? Let’s just say there’s an armed guard standing at door as you leave...bring a credit card that you can max out. Il ne connaît pas ses vins, et quand je demande à essayer un vin, il ne me fait pas essayer avant de servir un grand verre! - ont-ils un pâtissier ou est-ce aussi un stagiaire? Now the menu itself felt like dishes force fit around a Beatles album. The team took care of us just like we were expecting it. As was the most delicate fois Gras topped with Manuka honey that was so evocative of a crema catalana. Their relationship is one of the most awe-inspiring love stories of our time. But why in a second course? I decided to enlist the experts at Amex for our next attempt at securing a reservation. The story which connects the dishes is so clear and executed to the smallest detail unlike any other restaurant! Osteria Francescana, Modena: See 2,450 unbiased reviews of Osteria Francescana, rated 4.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #8 of 748 restaurants in Modena. Of course we decided to go for the 12 course menue to get the full experience. Le risotto aux framboises et crevettes crues était une cacophonie de saveurs mal harmonisées (fruits aigres + lait + crevettes crues). Première visite, avec des amis. Or rather, you can try. Cuisine: Italian (Osteria Francescana, a three-Michelin- star restaurant) Are you sure you want to delete this question? When we arrived at Osteria Francescana, we were brought to an intimate room and seated at one of its five tables.

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