SPL and ShPP can be taken at any time during the first year following the birth or placement for adoption, so long as the compulsory maternity period, or two weeks adoption leave, has been taken. stream If SMP is not payable HR will notify you, provide you with form SMP1 and return your maternity certificate (form MAT B1). NHS 24 Maternity Leave Policy Version 9.3 NHS 24 Maternity Leave Policy Date Live From: November 2016 Page 8 of 19 8. your medical condition at that time is such that a return to work is a realistic expectation. SMP is payable for a maximum of 39 weeks. The agency will not pay more than 26 weeks full maternity pay, adoption pay or ShPP in aggregate to an eligible couple within the Civil Service, as this is a joint entitlement. Their number is 0800 111 6387. The NES HR Trainee Services team will be responsible for processing your maternity paperwork and will be your first point of contact for any maternity leave queries. These are the NHS Maternity Policy details: 8 Weeks Full Pay. It is a statutory entitlement in addition to maternity, paternity and adoption leave. The remaining pay may be available as ShPP. The scheme will be available for children under the age of 12, or under 17 for children with disabilities. We have a range of information and advice here: Coronavirus information. Self-certificates and medical certificates, as appropriate, must be submitted for a pregnancy related illness. You will be expected to return to work on that date (see Returning to Work, below). Employed couples who are adopting are entitled to time off to attend pre-adoption appointments. If the employee does not specify a start date then the SPL will start on the first date stated in their original request. If eligible, both parents can choose to share the untaken balance of maternity leave as SPL and ShPP. During the period of maternity leave the contract of employment continues and you are entitled to all the benefits (except remuneration in the case of unpaid leave) which would have accrued had you been at work. a minimum period of 2 weeks leave immediately after childbirth and the rest of their leave. Paternity Leave is intended to support parents in the early stage of a child’s life. This must be received a minimum of eight weeks before the employee intends to be absent on SPL. This statutory right is available to the husband, civil partner, or partner of the pregnant woman, the father or parent of the expected child, or intended parents in surrogacy cases who meet specified conditions relating to Parental Orders under the Human Embryology and Fertilisation Act 2008. If you wish to claim Maternity Allowance, you should take both forms to your local Jobcentre Plus office. All employees should fall under one of the following entitlements: 1. Recent News. They must also still be working for the same respective employer when they intend to take the leave. 2 Maternity leave 2.1 Every woman has the right to: However, a pregnancy related absence beyond the 4th week before EWC would mean that Occupational Maternity Leave (OML) would automatically commence at the beginning of the 4th week before the EWC or the beginning of the next week after the employee last worked, whichever is the later, although odd days of sickness may be disregarded. earnings (whichever is lower). Employees in a surrogacy arrangement, who are eligible and intend to apply for a parental order, and employees adopting through an approved agency and applying for an adoption order, may also be eligible for SPL. on safety grounds) you will be given special leave with pay for the additional absence if it does not qualify as paid sick leave. After the first 8 weeks NES will then pay you for the following 18 weeks at half pay and then you will move on to no pay from your new employer. 4 0 obj Please note that you will be entitled to paid time off to attend antenatal appointments. Therefore, prospective parents in this situation are encouraged to have early discussions with their line manager to help prepare for absences at short notice. If you are employed by NES you will follow the NES Maternity Policy regardless of where you are on placement. %PDF-1.5 If you do a KIT day while on paid maternity leave you will either be paid for your KIT day or that weeks maternity pay, whichever is the higher. In. This is especially important where the work is of a kind that could involve a risk of harm or danger to your health and safety or the health and safety of your baby. SPL allows eligible parents the choice to end the mother’s maternity leave and pay, or the primary adopter’s adoption leave and pay early, and share the untaken balance as SPL and ShPP. The Flexible Working Policy is available on the agency intranet. reduce the gender bias that currently impacts on women’s careers. You may find that you do not qualify for OMP or SMP and therefore have to to claim MA only from Jobcentre Plus. 1 0 obj The notice can be submitted at any time, provided that a minimum of eight weeks’ notice is given for each period of leave. You may also be entitled to other statutory benefits e.g. In these circumstances SSP should be considered. OMP from NES + MA from Jobcentre Plus - You will be provided with an SMP1 form which you will need to submit along with your MATB1 certificate to Jobcentre Plus. The aim of this policy is to ensure the safety of pregnant and nursing mothers and to set out the entitlements to time off with pay and unpaid periods of leave, where appropriate, for employees requesting maternity, paternity (maternity support), shared parental leave or adoption leave. confirm in due course, the actual date of childbirth and, if you intend to return to work before the date when your maternity leave will end, give as much notice as possible, and not less than 28 days. At no point will the respective line managers of each parent be expected to contact one another. Shared parental leave (SPL) and shared parental pay (ShPP) provide parents with the opportunity to share the care of their child in the first year, whilst balancing their work and retaining their link to the labour market. SPL is available to both parents, including adopters and their partners, with main caring responsibilities for a child. Maternity Leave and Pay 8.1 Maternity Leave Period Pregnant staff can start their maternity leave at any point between the 11th If the request is made after the birth of the child this must be provided within 14 days of the request. NHS Grampian Maternity Leave Policy 1 Introduction As an equal opportunities employer NHS Grampian wishes to ensure that all staff applying for Maternity Leave/Pay are treated fairly and consistently. If you subsequently change your mind, you must give your manager at least 28 days’ notice of this change. If, on medical advice, you make an appointment to receive ante-natal care, you will be given reasonable time off to keep the appointment. Only files 8MB or smaller of the following types are supported: JPEG, PNG, GIF. being in paid service at the time their SPL begins and having one year’s Civil Service service. Paternity pay is paid at an enhanced rate as follows: This limit includes the initial request of SPL and any previously notified SPL requests. Employees should advise their line manager of the appointment dates and times as early as possible. stating their intention to return to work in the Civil Service after their final period of SPL. x��]ݏ�6��AO��Պ_u( For further information on the SPL application process, see the line manager and employee “How to guides” and checklists, Frequently Asked Questions and Glossary. Shared parental leave (SPL) is a statutory entitlement to flexible parental leave and pay, available to both parents on an equal basis. Please refer to the SPL policy for further information. All pregnant employees, regardless of their length of service in the NHS or hours of work, are entitled to a period of 52 weeks maternity leave. Please refer to the Flexible working policy for further information.

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