Most important of Jesus’ teachings was to have faith that God is not some “Sky Bully” or Sword of Damocles, that God was and is not a hovering malevolence ready and willing to damn us all to eternal Hellfire should we commit even one single sinful act. I mean, it’s worked out pretty well so far, right? Give 5 examples? My core values and beliefs about nursing include respect for the patient, advocacy for the patient and family, and collaboration. As philosophy continues to reinvent itself in order to get to the core of understanding, so shall I continue to reinvent myself in order to get to the core of my being. Ask a Question. Andrea Christman's reflections on her experience in the JHU/ISTE online course for Graduate Certification in Administration & Supervision. Ah, but when discovered, it is well worth it. Transverse waves are those waves in which movement of particles of the medium is perpendicular to the... What Are The Examples Of Superstitions Beliefs? I disagree, actually. This brings us a step closer to receiving Why Should We Study Indigenous Ideas? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. True faith, in my estimation, would be listening to the teachings of Christ, no matter if the person actually existed or not. In truth, much of what I believe in, philosophically speaking, is a combination of religious beliefs, scientific fact, modern-day reasoning, and a slight bit of imagination. It refers to what happens when aspects of one culture,... What Are Two Examples Of Continuous Variation? Theorist: Erik Erikson Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development Belief 3 All of us in this class room worked with students based on what we believe is great work. While God will always be watching over us, while God will silently try to guide us towards our best possible future, it is ultimately our choices that define who we are. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment Reviews, “Compulsory” vs. “Forced”: The Case of American Voting. My core beliefs boil down to the nature of religion, the nature of science, and the… With just a few decades under our belt, we’ve gone from black-and-white TV’s to color TV’s to satellite TV to digital TV to HDTV. Identifying Your Philosophical Orientation. First and foremost the patient is the nurses number one concern. Free will, therefore, is both a great blessing and a fearful curse. ( Log Out /  Do You Think There Was Electricity In The Ark? Taoism is an ancient Chinese religion/philosophy. ~Gwyneth. Andrea - this is awesome! What makes some people lucky and unlucky? “Faith is not the mere knowledge of scriptures. With this said, man naturally clings to the cross when in need. As blood is red & Death is in Evitable All people are same, there is no difference in philosophical point of view. WP Designer. Many of the posts are responses to homework assignments. For example, Jesus is always a highly-debatable topic: some say he was a prophet, some say he was the Messiah, and some say he never even existed at all. ( Log Out /  Religion is all about faith- there will always be a loving and protecting God so long as we believe in Him. We committed ourselves and completed our first sequence in the program. Never walk under a ladder, If a black cat crosses your path you are going to have bad luck. It kind of makes it worth it to stay up late at night figuring out new ways to do things in order to receive the feedback like you gave! I've dreamt about this one guy a lot.. We became friends. it makes my heart sing! Only if man is willing to put God as the center, will man begin to notice the transformation. When talking about the development of mankind, there is a common saying that “no one is born bad”. After all, everyone agrees to it. In truth, much of what I believe in, philosophically speaking, is a combination of religious beliefs, scientific fact, modern-day reasoning, and a slight bit of imagination. God’s greatest gift to man was free will- the ability to determine the course of his own actions. I believe that God did create the universe and all who inhabit it, but I also believe that God gave man that ability and determination to understand his creation. “The worth of the person is not affected by disease, disability, functional status, or proximity to death” (ANA, 2003, p.7). It is letting the word of God into your heart, despite the doubts you may have towards its authenticity. The term "Afro-Asian" (which is also colloquially known as blackanese or blasian) can refer to anyone... What are superstitious beliefs? However, man must never leave God out of his happiest times either. Faith means listening to the words without fear, without doubt that the mouth that spoke them was nothing more than a work of fiction. Faith is not the blind devotion to scripture, nor is it the constant questioning of scripture…it is the understanding of scripture. It is the English translation of Daoism... What Are Two Examples Of Cultural Diffusion? I hope that you have enjoyed my views on Educational Philosophy. Are Mobile Phones Good Or Bad To Have In A School? I was totally engaged by the images and was moved by the text. We have it in ourselves to listen to God, to follow His path, but we also have it in ourselves to ignore Him, to think that we are left to our own devices and the only destiny we have is the one we create. Here are some rough outlines: First, a belief is a mental state. How much philosophizing must have preceded the development of complex concepts such as the Great Spirit or Great Mystery in some Native American cultures? Is anyone out there? We miss knowing what's up. Regarding the nature of man, my personal definition has changed drastically throughout the years, but right now I feel safe in my stance: mankind is ultimately a constantly-growing species, constantly seeking new knowledge, constantly trying to better themselves. Along with the worldview comes a social system, an accompanying ideological structure. Instead, Jesus preached for us to have faith that God is our Father, that He loves us more than we could ever know, that He is ready to bring us into a brighter future than any of us could ever have imagined. We’ve gone from land phones to satellite phones to cell phones to iPhones. Faith is an understanding that the rain will fall on both the wicked and the righteous. Step on a... What Are The Two Types Of Software And Give Example? Every scientific attempt, therefore, is not some blasphemy. A good friend of mine, Adam Moore, once told me the following. My core philosophies are all about amalgamation- science and religion are interconnected instead of sworn enemies, philosophy is the start and end of science, religion and science both have answers to many philosophical questions. I'm so glad we are playing on the same team!Brenda. What Is The Difference Between Friendly And Business Letter? At first glance, many of my core philosophical beliefs seem religious in nature. The Lord has endowed to man the liberty to run the course of his own life. Can You HELP? ( Log Out /  To deny the great philosophies of Indigenous nations a place next to prevalent Western and … Philosophy extends to all aspects of life, and in my life, my core philosophies define who I am, how I came to be, and what I can ultimately become. and i may have to steal that idea and do one of my own! Then again, I believe that no one is born “good” either. The “grandfather” paradox, the ontological paradox, and many more: all of them raise very important questions. Explain please...or I'll have to 'disagree';hence there is a difference. Thanks all for your comments (here and on the Photo Peach page). For tribute must always be man’s sacrifice in all things – both positive and negative”. Faith requires more of the soul. Filed under: Creative Writings, University Works |. Create a free website or blog at If you don't believe a concept then by definition it does not make sense.

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