Through agriculture, Mesopotamians now produced more food than they could eat in a single day or week. Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials. Who were the first inhabitants of Mesopotamia? Open Sans Shadows Into Light Two Students will access the provided link about Sumer, read to learn more about Hammurabi's Code of Law and then select another topic of their choice from Sumer to learn more about. a. Babylon, Assyria, Sumer b. As more and more Mesopotamians adopted an agricultural lifestyle, communities grew up as families and bands built their houses next to one another. 24 During the 8th grade "core" days, students will be learning about the world's first known literature, "Epic of Gilgamesh" and if time allows watching a video clip on the art of Mesopotamia. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Time Life's "Lost Civilizations": "Mesopotamia: Return to Eden" 1. Creepster These communities first sprang up in the more Northern area, hundreds of kilometers north of the Persian Gulf. In response, they built storage rooms and granaries that could house the extra food and keep it fresh to be used in case of hardship. What do you want to do? Bangers These city-states were at first run by temples to each city's particular god or pantheon of gods, and the city was generally run by those who ran the temple. Neucha Video: Development of Trade in Mesopotamia The Sumerians, along with other developing civilizations, seemed to possess different social relationships than their hunting and gathering ancestors. An error occurred trying to load this video. The growth of so much grain through agriculture - more than one family or village could eat - gave rise to the earliest markets and also gave Mesopotamians the free time to develop cultural pursuits, which are the hallmark of modernized civilization today. This is the same video worksheet that you have in your Course Packet. Not only did these rivers collect all the water runoff from the bordering mountains, but they also flooded seasonally, depositing rich silt and other soils full of nutrients each year. VT323 Students will explore the Royal Tombs of Ur and complete a provided writing prompt. I recommend pausing the video at times to allow students to reflect and answer questions. Several centuries later, the temple-centered city gave way to the rise of kings. The worksheet can be used to generate classroom discussion or be used as homework. Select a subject to preview related courses: The agricultural revolution that occurred in Mesopotamia in these early centuries of human civilization arguably paved the way for the growth of modern civilization as we know it. Next, early Mesopotamians began domesticating wild plants and planting them in large quantities. Coming Soon The worksheet helps students better understand the history and advancements Mesopotamia went through over thousands of years. The worksheet is labeled (Ancient Mesopotamia 101 Short Video Worksheet). In less than 300 years, for example, New York City went from a sleepy Dutch colonial post to one of the premier cities of the world. 50 VIDEO Watch the video below about the Code of Hammurabi. 40 Villages and towns grew into cities as America's industries attracted immigrants and migrants from all over the world. 14 Why did the peoples of Mesopotamia see themselves at the mercy of gods? imaginable degree, area of Henny Penny After watching, complete the webquest worksheet questions. A QR code is also included for students. The Persian Gulf Which empire on the map is more recent?The Babylonian Empire What is the area between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers called? 18 courses that prepare you to earn Mountains of Christmas Reenie Beanie 's' : ''}}. 80 Yanone Kaffeesatz Black Ops One

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