Joint Development Agreementby Practical Law Intellectual Property & Technology Related Content Maintained • USA (National/Federal)An agreement between two entities concerning their collaboration on the development of patentable technology for later commercialization. All right, title and interest in and to all intellectual property, conceived or developed jointly by Raven and AgEagle in connection with this Agreement shall be jointly owned by the Parties.Raven shall have exclusive rights to the Joint Intellectual Property in the Field, and AgEagle agrees not to use the Joint Intellectual Property in the Field. Intellectual Property The provisions regarding intellectual property rights are among the most important (and highly-negotiated) ones in a JDA. ... – Derivative IP is typically beyond the scope of the joint development agreement • Created during the course of the JV, but is ancillary or even completely Intellectual property rights include, by way of example, patents, patent applications, know-how, trade secrets, and other confidential information, and copyrights. In a Joint Development Agreement (JDA), a landowner contributes his land for the construction of a real estate project and the developer undertakes the responsibility for the development of property, obtaining approvals, launching, and marketing the project. 1.10. Protecting Intellectual Property in Joint Ventures Mayer Brown is a global legal services provider comprising legal practices that are separate entities (the "Mayer Brown Practices"). “Joint Development Program” means the program conducted by NORMAN and ACME hereunder to assess conducted in accordance with or pursuant to the Joint Development Program. Clearly-drafted IP rights provisions help avoid later disputes and ensure that each party gets the benefit it expects from the JDA. Jointly owned intellectual property is intellectual property, or IP, that is owned by two or more people at once. 8 Hogan Lovells Joint Development and Collaboration Agreements 9 4. One of the most common provisions in a JDA is the Background IP provision. Joint Intellectual Property. Joint Development and Background Intellectual Property by James Arnold, Jr, BASF Enzymes   Both IP lawyers and non-IP lawyers alike commonly work on Joint Development Agreements (JDAs). Scenarios where joint ownership can occur include joint development arrangements, joint ventures, and subcontra… This can occur when two or more people invent, create, or author a patentableproperty together or when a compromise on ownership is reached in a contract. Here are some of the essentials of a Joint Development Agreement. This most often happens when the individual’s contribution to a collaborative work cannot be easily discerned from the other's. Note

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