The congratulatory posts keep on coming for John John Florence. How to do a Frontside Cutback With Josh Kerr, 10 Things You Should Take on Your Next Surf Road Trip, 6 Female-Founded Surfwear Brands We Tested This Summer, Jon Wayne Freeman "Charges" The Wedge, Seeks Sponsorship Deal. What a great event… never won but got a #10 pointer and perfect execution.. thank you to everyone who supported me throughout the whole event.. Even before the coronavirus pandemic gripped the world, two-time world champion surfer John John Florence found himself with unexpected free time on his hands. Nothing’s happening!”. Great surfing all year you deserve it mate!! The Tokyo Olympics were postponed. Find @john_john_florence Instagram stats and other social media profiles and rankings. Privacy Policy. “I tried to see it in a positive way.” The waves weren’t ideal, but he remembers thinking, “ ‘Maybe I’ll paddle out for this heat, and if I see a wave I like, I’ll go on it.’ I just went like that through the event: ‘OK, this wave looks pretty good, I’m gonna go.’ ”, Florence surfed well enough at Pipeline to make the quarterfinals, which secured him the Olympic berth. I really appreciate it.. also a huge congratulations goes to the #worldchamp @john_john_florence .. your the man bru . Florence says the two have reached a friendly detente. All rights reserved. Was This One of the Best Days Ever Seen at a California Beach Break? I told you after the Eddie this was your year, so stoked for you! contact each other, get access to advanced search tools, see Click here. Official Facebook page of John John Florence. average cost per post. “I got a kick out of it,” Florence said. “To be honest with you, there definitely was some tension around the event. From past world champions to family to best friends to photographers, here’s how surfing’s inner circle has been praising JJF, via Instagram: The first…many congrats to sealing an unavoidable fate. Most humble respectful kid you will meet. We hear from our audience every day about how much they love our long-form journalism. “Kelly’s been going there for years, so he’d come into the yard for his heat, and it’s a good friend of ours,” Florence said. The kid is a champion in and out of the water. signing up. Instagram will examine your use more professionally and exactly the way you want it, this site will make it easier for you to access quick solutions, you can see that your time is fun at any time. John John Florence, Haleiwa, HI. The jersey was so big that almost looked like he was wearing a dress. John john Florence shared a post on Instagram: “I'm learning that we each have a chance to create positive changes in our community, no matter…” • Follow their account to … You can save Instagram posts to your phone first and then share them in stories. So stoked and proud of big brother! We were all moving pretty fast there. Wright knelt, with her fist raised, for 439 seconds —one second each to honor the 439 First Nations persons in Australia who have lost their lives in police custody since 1991. Now check out the hidden story viewing methods. Subscribe to The resulting comeback—from ACL surgery in just five months as well as a tense face off against all time great Kelly Slater for the final Olympic spot at Pipe Masters —is all documented in Florence’s new surf film, Tokyo Rising, which is available to stream on Amazon Prime. '01 ( on Instagram: “@john_john_florence always spreading aloha:) a fun afternoon out north.” Other than that, there wasn’t too much talk about the Olympics,” Florence said. _ Song: @photay” View instagram stories online john_john_florence wont know you are watching their stories. You can also choose to take advantage of the quality Instagram story viewing experience. At Pipe, Florence and Slater both set up camp in the backyard of a mutual friend, which meant there was no real way to avoid each other. Claim your own profile and join 200K influencers, Claim your profile and join nearly 200K influencers, The time off has been a blessing in disguise for him. I was fortunate enough to meet him when I was very young and have gone and done some fun surf trips with him, which has been great.”. Help fund our award-winning journalism with a contribution today. If you immerse yourself in that, you can reconnect with life and where you’re at.”, For Florence, slowing down meant starting a garden. creators, businesses and experts on ! Hahaha F*ck yeah @john_john_florence we all knew you could do it! A photo posted by @rosyhodge on Oct 25, 2016 at 5:09am PDT. How about I do this now?’ ”. Jul 6, 2017 - 176 Likes, 11 Comments - duke kenney//est. Login or Sign Up In order to prevent this and always get faster services, you can access different services on the site you prefer. Was just a matter of time, me and everyone else is beyond proud of you! 621K likes. Haha @alexandra_florence What a crazy day today was for me, this has been my dream since I was a little kid growing up in Hawaii watching Kelly and Andy battle for world titles and to win one today is crazy I'm still in shock! Everyone wants to access the stories of hidden profiles, but you only see how much they are shared with you. “I just looked at it like, if I don’t qualify for the Olympics, then I have two months off to go and do something else,” he says. To tell it fully, we must also travel to the waters of Whiskey Creek, a small river in Florida where, over 50 years ago, the bodies of two young women were found shot, bludgeoned, and stabbed. The congratulatory posts keep on coming for John John Florence.

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