I don't have an answer but I'm not following the reasoning here: In terms of a "timeline" (which is speculative, at best), ch.21 tells us the ages of A&S when Isaac is born, and that the casting out of Ishmael takes place when Isaac is weaned. Isaac was in his thirties at the time of his sacrifice. [4] The Ancient Book of Jasher In a Translation Based on the Original Hebrew With The Original Introductory Notes To The English Edition. 23, xxiv. Her passion is equipping parents to live out their calling as the number one faith influencer for their children. ), Overcome Miscarriage Fears & Announce Early. Related Articles: This meant that there were few unattached girls: most females of marriageable age were either married or betrothed…” [2], “A typical adult Israelite male had a life expectancy of forty years. The marriage age in Delaware, USA, was 7 years and 10 years in most other US states, 12 in Canada, the very cold country between the years 1880-1920; to Yeb. 31). Gen. xxviii. 29, 67). Bible: Child Marriage in Ancient Israelite times – Paedophilia? In the pages of scripture, we find many stories that speak to the same struggles that we are having in our modern life. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Two further facts are necessary inferences from the above four facts. The only knew detail – his age when he married Rebekah – is surprising both because of the groom's advanced age and because of the absence of any reference to the bride's age. Abraham prayed to God in Genesis 15:2, “O Lord God, what will you give me, for I continue childless…” For I continue childless, not Sarai nor them together, be he himself continues childless. ; Midr. Fix that problem! Importantly, Abraham is absent from the narrative. ; "Sefer ha-Yashar," section "Wayishlaḥ," p. 56b). Check your email to confirm your subscription and get the link to download your freebie. At the ripe age of 40, Abraham decided that it was time for Isaac to marry. Bring your family together with Family Devotions. Pray hard. Infant mortality rates were high, perhaps as high as 50 percent. This above verse confirms Jasher 24:35-45 that Rebecca was most probably 10 years old when she was married off to 40 year old Isaac. Most of the time, the man was always older than the girl. And she said, 'I will go'" (Genesis 24:56-59). This arranged marriage is ultimately a love story of divine … And they sent Eliezer away with his men; and the servants took Rebecca, and he went and returned to his master to the land of Canaan. The promise given to Abraham was now safely secured in Isaac for the time being. In contrast, Isaac never strayed from Rebekah. The story of Isaac & Rebekah’s son, Jacob, is the focus of the third generation of infertility. In some ways, our marriage to Christ is something like Rebekah’s marriage to Isaac (Genesis 24), and Rachel’s marriage to Jacob (Genesis 29). And the Lord hearkened to the voice of Eliezer, for the sake of his servant Abraham, and he happened to meet with the daughter of Bethuel, the son of Milcah, the wife of Nahor, brother to Abraham, and Eliezer came to her house. Isaac is out meditating in the field in the evening. The tradition takes certain events as happening at the same time. He would not take a concubine from his wife’s … Tap the title above, next to the arrow, to go to that lesson with a link back to this page. It was an arranged marriage; it was a love marriage, and there was no one else for either of them. Arriving with his attendants at Aram-naharaim, Eliezer stopped near the well outside the city and declared to Yhwh that he would choose the first maiden that should offer to draw water for himself and his camels, though he should ask it only for himself. The Rabbis disagree as to the age of Rebekah at the time of her marriage to Isaac. Systems of Transliteration Citation of Proper Names. Importantly, Abraham is absent from the narrative. Let’s read Jasher 24:37-45: 37. 41. Age of consent in America & Europe In this case, they compress time and make three events concurrent to eliminate the gaps, and thereby create an anomaly: God arranging for a 40 year old man to wed a 3 year old girl. This example of infertility in the Bible is softened by the love Isaac has for his wife. How much more compassion and understanding did he have for his mother when he saw his beloved wife go through those same struggles? “Now Sarai, Abram’s wife, had borne him no children. Landscape With The Marriage Of Isaac And Rebekah by Claude Lorrain. For permissions, view our Copyright Policy. And she said, 'I will go'". Since the economic survival of the household depended on the production of able-bodied children, women married immediately after puberty and were pregnant or nursing for a relatively large portion of their life.”, Without giving it to the world as a work of Divine inspiration, or assuming the responsibility to say that it is not an inspired book, I have no hesitation in pronouncing it a work of great antiquity and interest, and a work entitled, even regarding it as a literary curiosity, to a great circulation among those who take pleasure in studying the Scriptures. 7. The years passed, and Abraham and Sarah grew old. And the young woman was of very comely appearance, she was a virgin, and Rebecca was ten years old in those days. Was Isaac a pedophile? Isaac had gone out in the fields to pray one evening, when Eliezer’s caravan returned. Question: If Rebekah was a grown woman, who attained full womanhood, why would she need a ‘nursing woman’ to accompany her? Rebekah looks up and sees him from afar. In other words the marriage was to be at the woman’s consent.. Rebekah’s brother Laban and her mother also asked Rebekah to confirm her willingness. God made a promise to Abraham that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars in the sky. How sweet and corny is it that he is on a prayer walk when his new bride arrives?!

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