I cracked an egg on the side of it, and the stain is still there, but at that moment, I washed the pan immediately. This is by far the best Scanpan CTX cookware set I have ever used. The performance of the Scanpan Green Tek surface is not different in any way from the performance of Scanpan’s previous surface. This coating is 100% free of PFOA and is quite revolutionary. It helps the user to carry the weight of the pan. Instead of using PFOA surface which is claimed to be toxic, Scanpan uses PTFE, the compound of every “All non-stick material”. Price is one of them as a CTX set of 10 pieces cost less compared to CTQ ones.

This also applies to Scanpan products. If you own an induction cooker, freestanding or slide-in induction range, then these induction compatible pans are what you are looking for. I’ve only used this pan a few times and already the bottom of it is colourless. What more, ranging from the production to the packaging stage, the Scanpan CTX is 100% recycled. They are manufacturer rated to 500 F, but that doesn’t mean you should push the limit. Well made, durable.

Made with magnetic stainless steel, specifically the CTX outer layer, Scanpan is a considerable deal in the cookware world. Needless to say, it is one of the elite cookware sets available in the market in 2019. Hope it helps!

The cookware’s PFAO free nature and working on induction cooktops are the solid reasons that justify why this cookware brand is one of the very best. It may scratch or rip off the nonstick layer. The Stratinum non-stick coating has an excellent reputation among owners. They are constructed with stainless steel and glass, so that you can see your food without needing to remove the lid. Product durability is somewhat less than Scanpan, but pricing is significantly more competitive. The nonstick coating is undoubtedly the highlight of this whole Scanpan CTX set. It is oven, dishwasher and metal utensil safe, and can work perfectly even on induction cooktops as well. Despite the fact that 5-clad structure the Scanpan CTX pans are easy to hold or carry. I am very pleased with this cookware set. Despite the fact that 5-clad structure the Scanpan CTX pans are easy to hold or carry. It states very clearly that they do use PTFE coating but not PFOA. The walls and base area of the Scanpan pots and pans are built with recycled aluminum. However, handwashing and using nylon or wooden utensils are still recommended. It is oven, dishwasher and metal utensil safe. Scanpan Cookware products are safe in the following areas: Oven safe (up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the handles) Dishwasher safe; Avoids traditional non-stick coatings (PFOA/PTFE) Metal Utensils Safe The cookware is oven proof up to 500°F but it is not built for induction cooktops.

The Classic offers some of the best Scanpan performance materials without any upgrade frills. The Aluminum also improves the heat conduction ability of the stainless steel metal. They offer a combination. We were very impressed with the set, and it really is the most advanced ceramic coated cookware set we have seen. Scanpan CTX pans are manufactured without the use of lead, cadmium, mercury or PFOA. You won’t get a hand-burn, even if the pot or pan is too hot to touch. Then we used a wet kitchen towel to try and get the rest out, and with a few swipes around the pan it looked as good as new!

Refrain from washing the pan in a dishwasher. The food gets ready within no time because of its even heat distribution feature. I have needed to replace it several times because of its non-stick capacity lost. Thanks a lot to Sharon Martin for her Scanpan CTX Cookware Review And It is the best review on Scanpan CTX Cookware, I have seen in the internet. Scanpan has been making an extensive collection of quality non-stick pans for over three decades. It does not decrease the quality; in fact, it is as strong as the non-recycled ones. While doing so may impact the durability of the pans, they are manufacturer rated as dishwasher and oven-friendly. We really like it for the price because of the design and durability compared to similarly priced competitors. Compared with both Pro lines, the lids included with CTX are more functional and fashionable.

The Scanpan CTX impresses with both its performance and durability. This is more or less everything you need to make any sort of meal. I can see why these may be considered professional quality. The quality is really high, especially for the price.

You can’t cook with flexibility if the handle is flimsy.

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