If you are a big-picture thinker who enjoys seeing how all of the pieces fit together, a concentration in Information Systems might be right for you. I didn't know we were talking about an Associates but a Bachelors is definitely where you want to get. I was hoping to jump straight out of college into a job (since I desperately need to relocate), but my school hasn't been very helpful and I'm not having much on my own. Yes, a CIS degree is worth it for many students. People in this concentration tend to work as software developers, writing the creative code for the back end of websites. of a piece of software/hardware you respect. Is an MBA worth it in 2020? Their advice seems to be "go out and get a $120k/yr entry-level job like everyone else". In the consulting space you work great as a liaison between the business side and the technical side (CS majors), and you can focus on areas such as IT audit readiness, systems integration, systems implementations and project management. Is a CIS Degree Worth it? So yes, worthless pretty much sums it up. And the beauty is, that means you are solely responsible for rectifying it. Common CIS careers include: This career path is a blend of soft and hard skills. Familiarize yourself with whatever they are using and start committing code. I think the answer should be backed up with how many job openings require this degree or HR statistics showing the specific degree is required to land a job. In addition to apex technical skills, systems administrators also need to know how to work with people and be a team player. The best candidates must be able to talk to people through their computer difficulties and assist them with any issues. The job you get depends on timing, area you are in, if you know somebody, and if you have any certifications. degreeplanet.com is an advertising-supported site. this question is so hard to answer in my opinion because anyone that has a degree will say "yes it is worth it". With so many degree options, it’s challenging to know what will yield you the lucrative job that you want to nab after graduation. Not worthless it at all. I pretty much know a little bit of everything IT related (programming, networking, web dev, business) without being a master at any one thing. Almost all of the outlined fields—from programming to developing and information security—have … ©2020 Infosec, Inc. All rights reserved. CIS is focused more on the technical side of things, and MIS is focused more on the management side of things. [2021 Guide]. A: Well, the degree itself is actually quite nice, from what I can tell. Most degrees will give you broad exposure to many areas because they don't want to force you into one spot. For over 8 years, Degree Planet has been dedicated to helping college students like you find degrees that match your career goals and interests. Computer technicians handle on-the-spot computer issues and troubleshoot for entire departments. The following is a reference point from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to give you an idea. But I feel like the education I got from the non-mentioned university was far from helpful. To succeed, you have to have excellent computer skills and exceptional attention to detail. I got a worthless CS degree. These are the two most popular ones. They tend to be in charge of larger departments. It’s easy to move up in CIS jobs, and there is a tremendous amount of job security within the concentration. The core mission of /r/jobs is empowering job seekers and employees through the promotion of: their best interests, helpful and sound advice, and encouragement. Home » Is a CIS Degree Worth It? This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. They need to be able to understand both the bigger picture and the daily minutia of running the network. With an average salary of $88,240 and 11% job growth (Bureau of Labor Statistics), a computer information systems degree can help you launch a career in this cutting-edge industry. It’s quite versatile as far as career paths go, and you can choose to do coding or spend your time taking care of company databases. As a result, they are fully expected to be experts. Have to realize college courses are set up to be beneficial for everyone, and there will always be some fluff built into higher education. Even entry-level jobs in CIS tend to be quite lucrative. Short answer made long… this field is a catch 22. Use your electives to pick subjects you want to get a job doing. The best candidates are those who are naturally curious about computers and value lifelong learning. Make sure you're not overlooking entry-level positions with titles like "Business Analyst." All Rights Reserved. If you’ve been thinking about taking charge of your future, now is the time. This career path requires a candidate who has an aptitude for business and a thorough understanding of computer systems, as well as excellent customer service skills. They should rename that degree to System / Business Analyst (Bachelors of Science). According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ guide to computer and information technology occupations, the answer is yes. The best technical support specialists are those who understand the basics of all computer systems and can handle stress with diplomacy and tact. The salary you can expect to get with your CIS degree will vary depending on what state you live in and how competitive the job market is. Sounds like you skated by with the bare minimum to get the CS-lite degree, and realized no one hires bare minimumers. Still searching for the corner in a round room. Getting your degree in CIS is not easy, but many people agree that it’s completely worth it. But that's it. If you are an out-of-the-box thinker, this is an excellent job for you. They can also be forensic analysts, network architects, or consultants. When asked what degrees a person should pursue I suggest the following: this question is so hard to answer in my opinion because anyone that has a degree will say "yes it is worth it". CIS/IT has over 50 disciplines. I graduated with the same degree and I started in IT consulting at Deloitte making ~$70K a year, and I went to a state school too. To excel at this job, you must have excellent critical thinking skills and be able to communicate your vision effectively. Systems administrators are tasked with making sure that computer networks are running exactly as they should be. Search for entry-level SAP jobs for instance. You don't need any degree to get a job but you need the underlying education and certifications which you normally (caviot being … In the meantime start building stuff or contributing to open source to build up a nice GitHub profile. Short answer no….long answer yes. Enroll in an online program today and get started with your CIS degree. Like computer technicians, network technicians deal with troubleshooting and fixing computer issues, but they operate more within the mainframe of the network, instead of working with individual machines or people. "No we were never taught that". All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Problem #2: Almost all of the entry level jobs require 1+ year of experience. Yes, a CIS degree is worth it! r/Jobs is not for job listings. I say an Associates computer science degree is worthless, but not a Bachelors computer science degree. I would recommend attaching to an open source project as well. This vital job combines customer service with technological skills. Let’s step back: The value of business school has been diminishing for a while. But if you're questioning the 'worth' of the program go out there and do some digging - it never hurts. Is a Computer Science degree worth it? If you're having a hard time finding a job it may be because you're focusing on programming and software development; if that's the case, yeah, you'll struggle because that's not what you studied in college. They should possess a comprehensive knowledge of the technology they represent and be able to operate with empathy and care for each customer. Colleges That Accept Academically Dismissed Students [2021 Guide], 2021 Best Online Masters in English Programs, 2021 Best College Majors That Don’t Require Much Math, Dropping Out of College and Going to Community College [2021 Guide], Most of your classes will be related to computer science, Most of your classes will be a combination of business and computer-related courses, New concentrations, like cybersecurity, are taught, There is a heavy focus on skills like project management, Computer Support Specialist: $54,760 per year, Information Security Analyst: $99,730 per year, Information Research Scientist: $122,840 per year.

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