Another way to obtain the crude saponin is by simple extraction with ethanol at room temperature and pressure; but more time is needed to evaporate. The absolute viscosities of the different vegetable oils were determined using a Lamy Viscometer RM100, a rotating viscometer with coaxial cylinder. What are your suggestions? 737–758. It has high skin penetration value as compare to other vegetable oil. & Terms of Use. Essential oil extracted from Comptonia peregrina (L.) Coulter (sweet fern) harvested in the lake Saint-Jean area (Québec) has been analysed using GC-MS and Kovats indices techniques. There are some old methods for that, which take a long time and are not very accurate. Layzell, A Vegetable Oil-Based Tractor Lubricant, SAE Technical Ppaer 941758, Society of Automotive Engineers, 1994, pp. & Terms of Use. 1–6. 1 is an illustration of the components of parapara tree (Sapindus saponaria) fruit pods. Vegetable oil may be blended with solvents as a substitute for petroleum-based diesel fuel. How to select the best solvent and their concentration for herbal extraction? Correspondence to 2a and 2b, where FIG. ... By theory this should reduce the air flow. But what do we really mean when we talk about an oils viscosity? Lubr. But i am not sure if these are suitable for use as replacement in a UV-Lamp for TLC Documentation. I want to Prepare a Folin-Ciocalteu reagent. Based on the rh… Blending is often used to reduce the viscosity of vegetable oil lubricants. All rights reserved. Since many phytochemicals can dissolve in many solvents of different polarities based on their chemical structures, what is the best solvent or solvent mixture for extracting flavonoids from a plant leaves? A detailed description of preferred embodiments follows, with reference to the attached drawings, wherein: FIG. Thus, in accordance with the present invention a method is provided for increasing mobility of a heavy crude oil comprising the steps of mixing an additive containing saponins and fatty acids with a heavy crude oil, wherein the saponins are derived from Sapindus Saponaria. These measurements were taken at different temperatures and show the viscosity over increasing shear rates. Padley, Marcel Dekker, New York, 1997, pp. The saponins have a particle size which is relatively small in comparison with the structures of the asphaltenes and resins in the heavy and extra heavy crude oils, and the amphiphilic nature of the particles allows diffusion of the molecules, penetrating deeply and rapidly into the micellar agglomerates of the asphaltene-resins, allowing interaction with the electrons of the p orbital of the poly aromatic hydrocarbons in the matrix of the oil, and this has a stabilizing effect. Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute. may have a bearing on the viscosity of the herbal oils. The fruit is collected from eastern Venezuela. Eng. The saponins obtained in this manner are non-ionic natural surfactants based upon the chemical nature of the sapogenins as triterpenoidal and steroidal saponins. The invention relates to reduction of viscosity of heavy crude oils and, more particularly, to an additive and method for preparing the additive which help reduce viscosity in heavy crude oil. In accordance with the present invention, dispersal of a saponins/fatty acids system through heavy and extra heavy crude oils has been found to significantly reduce the viscosity of the extra heavy crude oil. The most common sources of saponins are the higher plants. 1,8-cineole (51.22%), (E)-ocimene (22.89%), terpinyl acetate (7.46%) and B-pinene (2.09%) wee the major components representing 97.5% of the oil.

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