Fill a white plate with water and a few drops of lemon-scented dish soap. How to Get Rid of Flies Although using harsh chemical pesticides is an option, it’s not one that we would recommend. The bacterium they produce is harmless to humans and plants. Home Remedy to Kill White Flies on Plants By K.C. Does it seem like every time you kill one, there are five more the next day? Fruit flies can be drawn to plants such as aloe, but a problem with them often starts near food-storage and disposal areas. There are many different solutions. Known as fungus gnats, they're actually small flies about 1/8-inch long that are drawn to moist potting soil and decaying plant material at the base of indoor plants. Gnats in houseplants are annoying. It’s true even in large pots with the most well drained substrate, which I use for Heliconia. It can seem unusual at first, but it’s a common problem for many plant owners. Once ingested the bacterium produces crystalline toxins disrupting the digestive system of the fungus gnat. Fungus gnats do not typically damage plants. I mean sand, beaches and tropics have some persistent connections in our brains. You can unsubscribe any time. Most plants have to be watered when the upper soil getting slightly dry (like most of my tropical plants). ), 10 Euros for only 6 liters of water. In the gnats early life stages, they may eat the roots for nourishment, speeding up the problem of rotting. So you have a fly problem, now you want to get rid of flies in potted plants. Pour the solution into a spray bottle to spray the soil and plants. Let it be light! Fungus gnat flies generally don't harm the plants, but can become a nuisance. They can resemble mosquitoes in their adult stage of life, though they are much smaller. The nematodes are microscopic in size, and you cannot see them with the naked eye. Where Do Flies Go At Night? When controlling flies in potted plants, suggests that the best method of protecting plants from flies is through – prevention. The bacterium released by the nematodes kills the pests in a day or two. Morgan Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. The best time to use this method is in the winter when your plant enters its dormant state. Always follow the application directions on the label. Dormant Oil: What Is and How Do You Use It? Not only do chemical pesticides put the long-term health of your plants at risk, but you’re also potentially exposing yourself and your family members to harmful substances. Moist soil draws fungus gnats to the plentiful amounts of organic decomposition. Why Do Flies Flock to Your Potted Plants? Dear Alex, I had a big issue with fungus gnats. The adult fungus gnats are not much more than an annoyance. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings. How? By entering your email address you agree to receive a daily email newsletter from Plant Care Today. Rid Of Fruit Flies On My Aloe Plant. After exhausting the food supply they leave and move to another food source. Getting rid of fungus gnats doesn’t mean you have to rid your home of potted plants. Just by touching the sand you can easily tell when it’s dry and it’s time to water. This could indicate fungus gnats. They can even tunnel into cuttings’ base. The adult female gnats will lay eggs on the top of the ground. This results in stopping development and kills the larvae pest before reaching adulthood. In large numbers, gnat larvae can cause root rot and can break down the plant. Remove all potential fruit fly breeding areas and attractants in your kitchen, or wash them with warm, soapy water made with soap or a mild detergent. If your plants still face problems with fungus gnats, make a proven insecticidal spray to use on the plant’s roots. To get to know the subject the flies in your pots are fungus gnats.

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