The project is yet to undergo a feasibility study. Vegetation varies from low-lying alpine plants at high elevations to tropical forest where the river crosses the Siwalik Range. Now a 900 MW project is going to be constructed in this river. This contrasts with the heavy alluvium of the Indus and other large Panjab rivers that have obscured Harappan sites, including part of Mohenjo Daro. Nineteenth and early 20th century scholars, such as orientalist Christian Lassen (1800–1876),[41] philologist and Indologist Max Müller (1823–1900),[42] archaeologist Aurel Stein (1862–1943), and geologist R. D. Oldham (1858–1936),[43] had considered that the Ghaggar-Hakra might be the defunct remains of a river, the Sarasvati, invoked in the orally transmitted collection of ancient Sanskrit hymns, the Rig Veda composed circa 1500 BCE to 1200 BCE. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. However, the lack of large-scale incision on the interfluve demonstrates that large, glacier-fed rivers did not flow across the Ghaggar-Hakra region during the Holocene." [4] The Indus Valley Civilisation declined when the monsoons that fed the rivers diminished at around some 4,000 years ago. A Planetary Treat World Hasn’t Seen Since Middle Ages. The transmission line corridor is located in Doti, Dadeldhura, Kailali and Kanchanpur Districts. It is the second largest tributary of Ganga after Yamuna. [38], Most of the Harappan sites along the Ghaggar-Hakkra are found in desert country, and have remained undisturbed since the end of the Indus Civilization. There is a great urgency to carry out detailed study of the Karnali river to develop modern inland waterway by applying various channel improvement technologies. The vegetation of the park consists of coniferous trees such blue pine, rhododendrons, black juniper, west Himalayan spruce, oak and Himalayan cypress. Painted Grey Ware sites (c. 1000–600 BCE) have been found at former IVC-sites at the middle and upper Ghaggar-Hakra channel,[34] and have also been found in the bed and not on the banks of the Ghaggar-Hakra river, which suggests that river was certainly dried up by this period. You could also do it yourself at any point in time. If built, this structure would almost certainly eliminate the small amount of dolphin habitat in Nepal's last river with a potentially viable dolphin population. The Karnali (Chisapani) Multipurpose Project is a potential mega multipurpose storage project on the Karnali River at Chisapani, envisaging a 270-metre (890 ft) high dam, with reservoir area of 350 square kilometres (140 sq mi), with power station operating under a design head of 185 metres (607 ft) to operate 18 units of 620 MW capacity each ( 10,800 MW installed capacity) and with a re-regulating weir downstream with power plant of 84 MW capacity operating under a head of 13.5 metres (44 ft). That's it. Within Nepal, two areas are irrigated in Bardiya District, 23.2 and 183.4 square kilometres (9.0 and 70.8 sq mi), and a single site is irrigated in Kailali District, 139.25 square kilometres (53.76 sq mi). "[17], Mughal, summing up the evidence, concludes that during the Bronze Age the Ghaggar-Hakra sometimes carried more, sometimes less water. (, "Numerous speculations have advanced the idea that the Ghaggar-Hakra fluvial system, at times identified with the lost mythical river of Sarasvati (e.g., 4, 5, 7, 19), was a large glacierfed Himalayan river. All these geomorphic features are depositional in nature and made up of alluvium of different ages. The protected area constitutes nearly 14% of the total basin area, including four national parks, one wildlife reserve, one hunting reserve and two buffer zones. Artillery was again decisive, helped by the skillful handling of boats.…. The project has been allocated for development as BOOT project under private sector.

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