The institution has held this title for the past 15 years. The map below shows the Gender Gap Index for each country. The country records improvements in wage equality for similar work, succeeds in fully closing its tertiary education gender gap for the first time, and keeps primary and secondary education gaps closed for the third year running. The list includes 547 universities from 81 countries. Japan is the most-represented nation in the table with 44 institutions, followed by Russia with 31 and Turkey with 29. This table on SDG 5 – gender equality measures universities’ research on the study of gender, their policies on gender equality and their commitment to recruiting and promoting women. La Trobe University The Maldives (113) records a somewhat larger-than-before gender gap in labour force participation, due to updated data availability, which has led to a fall in ranking despite counterbalancing positive developments such as greater gender parity on estimated earned income and in the share of legislators, senior officials and managers. From 2010 to 2018, Cameroon has improved gender parity by more than 10%, better than any other country during this time period. As part of the Impact Rankings, Times Higher Education has produced a ranking focusing on how universities are contributing to gender equality.

Three of the seven countries have achieved a level of at least 60% gender parity on Economic Participation and Opportunity. You can read more about the methodology here. La Trobe University has a number of initiatives that drive gender equality, including the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, SAGE Pilot (an accreditation and improvement programme for higher education research organisations focusing on gender equality) and Square the Ledger, which aims to celebrate the lives of women that have studied, taught and worked at the university. Iceland is the most gender-equal country, according to WEF’s 2018 numbers, followed by Norway, Sweden and Finland. As well as the best overall gender parity score, Iceland has the highest rank for equal political empowerment. However, it continues to rank third-lowest in the world on Health and Survival, remaining the world’s least-improved country on this subindex over the past decade. The centre has hosted talks from many prominent and successful women, sponsors female staff to attend the Aurora Leadership Development Programme and grant writing workshops for female early career researchers. Only one country in the region, Maldives, has fully closed its Educational Attainment gender gap, and only one country, Sri Lanka, has fully closed its Health and Survival gender gap. The University of Worcester’s 2018 gender pay gap report stated that the institution’s mean gender pay gap was 2.09 per cent, which was far smaller than the UK’s national average of 17.9 per cent. A weekly update of what’s on the Global Agenda, The Global Gender Gap Index Results in 2015, Appendix A: Regional and Income Group Classification, 2015, Appendix B: Spread of Minimum and Maximum Values by Indicator, 2015, Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, A Global Platform for Geostrategic Collaboration, Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship. View the Impact Rankings 2020 by SDG: gender equality (SDG 5) methodology.

Cookie Notice. View the Impact Rankings 2020 by SDG: gender equality (SDG 5) … Bangladesh (48) consolidates its position as the region’s top performer and breaks into the global Index top 5 on the Political Empowerment subindex this year, recording progress on closing its political gender gap, despite a widening gender gap in terms of labour force participation. Within the political empowerment sub-index there has been no change in the number of women in minister-level positions (positions that head government departments or cabinet-level positions) since 2007. It is worth noting that, from a low base, South Asia has made the fastest progress on closing its gender gap of any world region over the past decade. The university is also dedicated to combating sexual violence on campus through the development of a respectful relationships education programme to be implemented across the Australian university sector. Gender-Equality Index Invest in a more equal future. Gender equality may not seem like an environmental issue, but it is one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Even though some countries are on track to narrow or even close the gender gap within our lifetimes, at the current rate of change, it will take the United States 208 years to close the gender gap. In today’s environment, it has never been more critical for a company to demonstrate its commitment to addressing gender inequality. Bhutan (122), by contrast, experiences modest improvements in gender parity in healthy life expectancy but a slight reversal of its gender gap in labour force participation. It is followed by Sri Lanka (100), which rises several ranks due to improvements on the Economic Participation and Opportunity subindex, specifically narrowing its gender gap on labour force participation.

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