Your email address will not be published. It also comes with DP100 Super Distortion bridge pickup that readily delivers a legendary tone.

People with smaller hands often also have smaller bodies, and/or shorter arm length. Sometimes guitarists use mildly heavier gauge strings on guitars with shorter scale lengths to compensate for the effects of the difference in string tension. This is classy, quality guitar at a reasonable price and it's great for people who need a small scale electric guitar for small hands. Cons:  Some people may discount this guitar because of the finish, and that would be sad for them because they'd be missing out.

Playing with this control provides a wide range of tones that can make this guitar sound like many different types, thus providing great flexibility in genre. Or maybe you can find a slightly different voicing that keeps the spirit of the original but that you're able to reach. You want to look for small neck electric guitars. (Look here for more information on the advantages of semi-hollow guitars.).

The mother-of-pearl inlay is fantastic and stylish, and the action on the fretboard is slick. Since it is $350 new, it is a much cheaper alternative to the Fender American Professional Jaguar.

The built of this guitar is great likewise, with top quality materials being used for its construction. Build the pedal that redefined overdrive. Save on Over 900 Items, Torrefied Maple Electric Guitar Neck Blanks, Sipo Mahogany Neck Blank for Electric or Archtop Guitar, Fender Classic Series 50s Telecaster Neck, Fender Classic Series 60s Telecaster Neck, Fender Classic Series 50s Stratocaster Neck, Fender Classic Player 60s Stratocaster Neck, Fender Standard Series Telecaster Neck, Left-Handed, Fender Standard Series Stratocaster Neck, Left-Handed, Find the proper fret position with the official Stewart-MacDonald Fret Calculator, Stewart-MacDonald is PCI compliant and validated for secure e-commerce. Pros:  With so many of the scaled down guitars being targeted at kids and beginners, it's nice to see a truly professional quality guitar this size. Les Paul, of course, is one of the most popular brands of electric guitars. You can also consider small body electric guitars. $59.40 (7) Fender Classic Series 50s Telecaster Neck. It features a compact 24″ scale length that allows you to easily and comfortably handle it. You should train your pinky to substitute for your ring finger in difficult fingerings. It also has that classic looks that are further enhanced by its pair of DiMarzio pickups. More Options » Fender Roasted Maple Telecaster Neck. Fender Mustang also comes with a gloss polyester finish for protection to its body. This factor would come to the fore, especially if you got stubby fingers and small hands, for in such a case, you will surely find it hard to wrap around your fingers and hands around the guitar’s neck to play complicated chords. It's also a Fender … It is also available in both left and right-handed versions. C-shaped is the best guitar neck for small hands. Another great narrow-neck guitar option is the Daisy Rock Venus Guitar, Vintage Ivory Pearl. Just click right on through for instant access. What's the best electric guitar for small hands? narratorbook 21 Fret Electric Guitar Neck Replacement Guitar Neck Maple Fretboard Fingerboard for … It keeps this guitar looking sharp on stage. Yet, it is also an exact replica of the iconic guitar played by Kurt Cobain; so, you can play like Kurt using this guitar. To put it simply, it’s the shape of your guitar’s neck from the nut to the start of the heel transition. It is an acoustic and electric guitar that is specifically designed for girls. Don't worry if you're a smaller adult, a teenager, or pre-teen, we're going to look at all of the things you need to consider before buying this guitar.

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