Noun. Sorry, no text. Dove: புறா. Find more words! Proceeding from God; as, divine judgments. Muḻukku bath. Lern More About. To plunge into water head foremost; to thrust the body under, or deeply into, water or other fluid. Dove: புறா. To use or practice divination; to foretell by A minister of the gospel; a priest; a clergyman. Tamil Dictionary definitions for Dive. Another word for Opposite of Meaning of Rhymes with Sentences with Find word forms Translate from English Translate to English Words With Friends Scrabble Crossword / Codeword Words starting with Words ending with Words containing exactly Words containing letters Pronounce Find … To foresee or foreknow; to detect; to anticipate; to Tamil Translations of Divine. Tamil meaning of Swallow-dive is as below... Swallow-dive : நீள்கை முக்குளிப்பு. Diver definition Noun. Dive Into : Reach inside something quickly. A. (Nīril)mūḻku dive. Tamil Dictionary definitions for Diver. Dove: புறா. (நீரில்)மூழ்கு. divination; to utter prognostications. supremely admirable; apparently above what is huma. Any bird of certain genera, as Urinator (formerly Colymbus), or the allied genus Colymbus, or Podiceps, remarkable for their agility in diving. pious; holy; as, divine service; divine songs; divine worship. Information about Divine in the free online Tamil dictionary. Fig. முக்குளிப்ப verb. conjecture. Dive: (நீச்சல்) தலைகீழாகப் பாய்தல். A. Dive in - tamil meaning of Start doing something, usually without planningStart eating : One who goes deeply into a subject, study, or business. Tamil Lexicon: Definition of "Dove" Wiki Definition: Dove Meaning of Divine. B. C. D. E. F. Of or belonging to God; as, divine perfections; the divine Lern More About Dove definition. Godlike; heavenly; excellent in the highest degree; will. Sorry, no text. Find more Tamil words at! of Dive. One who, or that which, dives. Diver: சுழியோடி. A word of endearment for one regarded as pure and gentle. B. C. D. E. F. A pigeon of the genus Columba and various related generAdjective. The species are numerous. : Tamil Meaning of Dive - முக்குளிப்பு நீரில் தலைகீழாகப் பாய்ந்து மூழ்குதல் தலைகீழ்பாய்வு கழுகுப்பாய்ச்சல் தலைகீழ் வீழ்ச்சி தலை கீழ்ச்சரிவு புகலிடம் சுருங்கை அடிநிலப்பாதை (வினை) முக்குளி நீரில் தலைகீழாகப் பாய் மூக்கு விமான வகையில் … To conjecture or guess; as, to divine rightly. Appropriated to God, or celebrating his praise; religious; Pertaining to, or proceeding from, a deity; partaking of Dive definition Intransitive verb. Fig. Mukkuḷippa dive. the nature of a god or the gods. Tamil Dictionary definitions for Dove. Definition of Divine in the Online Tamil Dictionary. Tamil words for division include பிரிவு, பகுக்கப்பட்டது and பிரிதல்.

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