This company has numbers of team who are engaging to accomplish organization’s mission, vision and goals. Tarmac and Enterprise has all the effective factors in the teams. Organizational culture and structure has vital role on the performance of the organization. Independent workers and strict guidelines can make employees feel undervalued, and this is a disadvantage for business and management. How the roles, responsibilities and power are assigned and how the activities is controlled are described in organizational structure. Many organizations form diverse teams, which allows these teams to draw from the experiences and abilities of one another. Tarmac wants to be the number one in the choice of the customers for building material and services and for that mission the company’s culture and structure play an important role. If the organization has more skilled and hardworking employees then there are more chances for the organization to get success in terms of accomplishing company’s mission, goals and objectives. In summary, it is important to note that management is necessary in any business or organization. When organizing, it is the responsibility of management to bring together all the human, financial and physical resources, and ensure that they work together in a meaningful manner so that organizational goals can be realized. Planning implies prior determination of policies, procedures and programmes and a strict adherence to them in all circumstances. Leadership has significant importance in the organization to achieve its mission. For this reason, the managers do all they can to ensure that their departments execute their mandate despite the scarcity of resources they face. Neither he neither interfere on other tasks nor he helps to other. Its management is very well the planning, organizing, leading and controlling of the management in Tarmac company has well approach in achieving organization’s mission, vision, goals and objectives. When planning, management is responsible for setting objectives and deciding the best possible courses of actions that can be taken to achieve the predetermined objectives. Flexibility can be positive one day and detrimental another, and human capital is at risk with this type of control system. The old adage two heads are better than one usually holds true in business. Managers must effectively manage teams to keep conflict at a minimum. Organization structure works within the culture. Employees are working hard to get good compensation and reward from the company that is extrinsic motivational force and they also want to get promotion just to satisfy themselves and this satisfaction of the employees is the intrinsic motivational theory. The disadvantage of the structure for Tarmac is that sometimes employees take such decision in hurry that produces negative result for the company. And to achieve all these goals management plays an important role as management plans, organizes, leads, and controls all the human resources in the organization. Despite this scarcity of resources, the various departments are still required to function smoothly and achieve their set goals and objectives. In all organizational and business activities, management can be defined as getting members of an organization together to use the available resources in accomplishing the desired organizational objectives and goals (Daft, 2011). Both the sides have its own interest the organization wants good, compatible, trustworthy, and committed stakeholders whereas stakeholders wants the organization that can protect their interest like profit, job satisfaction, environment friendly operations, payments of taxes and obligation of laws and regulations of the country. Existence of too many cross relationships leads to complicity which creates overlapping, confusion and conflicts. If negative feelings arise from the rest of the team members toward the incompatible employee, communication may suffer within the group. From simple essay plans, through to full dissertations, you can guarantee we have a service perfectly matched to your needs. Its management is very well the planning, organizing, leading and controlling of the management in Tarmac company has well approach in achieving organization’s mission, vision, goals and objectives. The motivational stimuli that take place when an individual is drive to perform some specific task to gain some external profit. One team member may disagree with the ideas of another team member, which may lead to an argument. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Managers assume that as long as they work as per plans, it is satisfactory. Define motivation and discuss the three elements of motivation. The hierarchy culture where rules and procedures have most importance has the advantage of getting more results and work done within time limit. Political Climate- Change of government from Congress to some other political party, etc. Teams will only perform well when they are well informed with the vision of the team. Right decision on right time by the leadership is key to success for the teams. The need for proper management in any organization or business can never be underestimated. Management of finance is a vital part of every business. Team has very significance in the organization. Just as a car needs a good driver to steer it to its destination, or a ship needs a sailor to lead it to its destination, so does a business or organization requires a good manager(s) to lead it to success (Griffin, 2010). Some team members may take advantage of the efforts that other team members make within the group. One of the disadvantages of working in a team is personal incompatibility. Describe and provide examples of first-line, middle, and top managers.

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