In your native country, you just know things – how to mail a package, what your oven settings are, how to open a bank account…IIn an expat situation, you’re suddenly confused by the easiest tasks and the frustration can sink in as you navigate the new culture. My uncle is thirty-eight years old and is a systems engineer so he has a good job and salary, he works abroad and can speak English very well, but despite this his biggest problem living abroad is that some people discriminate against him because he is from Mexico. Getting used to work seems like a small hurdle, but it’s an oft-overlooked challenge of moving to a new country. I think living abroad is a great opportunity for everyone as they experience and live many things that will serve you in life, form home to school is totally different form what you lived before, you’ll experience cultural clashes that might make you miss food, people, your land, but instead you will know new cultures, customs and traditions. Currently I do not know anyone who has gone to another country to live, but I suppose that if a change from city to another is difficult, the change from one country to another would be a difficulty by 10. My strengths are that I am global, resilient, and empathic. well that’s what I think, by the way I like your blog. Or when I was just feeling emotional and fragile. I would doubt myself and then all of a sudden I would feel like I could take on ANYTHING. But that also means you will grow and develop in so many ways, faster than ever. Or you’ll think to yourself, “Why can’t they do it like this?” Or “Why can’t people just be like that.”. Derek and Mike are an American couple from Philadelphia who moved to Copenhagen in 2017. But when you get it, it’s the BEST feeling in the world and you’ll never take it for granted again. Every insecurity you’ve ever had will surface when you move abroad. It’s completely natural. One of you will be experiencing professional highs while the other may be feeling distraught with a lack of job opportunity and no professional network. While it’s not for everyone, it’s something you should be proud of and enjoy. Maybe the most important thing to you is to have a normal family meal. I’m Chelsea, a.k.a. Of course it’s fun discovering new places and finding new go to spots. 10. I think that the biggest problem, in my view, could be getting usted to the language. The truth is that if it is difficult, living abroad, after having lived a long time in your hometown, and let’s say you do not speak the language, that I think would be the biggest complication someone would have when traveling abroad, on the other hand, if You already speak the language you would not have so much problem, but there are more things that would be difficult for you, for example, from what I have seen people are not so friendly in the United States, of course there are people who are kind, but let’s say that in your environment social, there are people not so friendly, I think that thanks to them there will be a problem, since you will not feel as comfortable in your environment, besides that making friends should not be so easy. Back home, you could hide behind all the distractions: work, friends, family, and comforts. There are even Facebook groups that cater to the expat community. Oh boy, where do I start? You hear so much about the benefits of living abroad. Hello, my name is Andrea, and if I think that there are many problems when moving to another country, since maybe you don’t know someone to help you locate within the city, or maybe you still don’t have a good command of the language, maybe make it difficult for you to adapt to the schedules of that country, or to its customs It’s like moving to a new high school in your senior year, CONFIDENCE is key! Your support and encouragement is greatly appreciated. Reason been we know our way around and are comfortable in our zone. Join us on our journey and learn all about the process of moving abroad - the preparations, adjustments, emotions and of course benefits of making this life change. Friendships will last and family will be there. Homesickness and feeling like an outsider are both challenges everyone will face when living abroad. It took a while, but it happened. Living in a foreign country can be an intimidating experience. Open a TransferWise account today to get real exchange rates, speedy transfers, and ultra-low fees. While technology can help make language less of a barrier, a lack of fluency adds additional challenges to living in a foreign country. Even a daily conversation in the first month after moving abroad is a good idea. Take on the unfamiliar. i think it´s hard for people living abroad because they don´t know the language, they should get a place to live but in some countries it can be expensive and that makes it difficult. That’s the beauty in all of this, but also the tough part at the same time.

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