I enjoyed this episode. Dawson’s there too and he’s excited because he’s now covering a story about gender equality. Evening at Jen’s house, and she’s trying to teach Joey to walk in heels with a book on her head. Maybe that awkwardness has worn off? INFO Now Joey is walking to the dressing room and she overhears some shit from Hannah about how if she wins it would be a charity case because she lives in her trailer and her sister just had an illegitimate black baby. Just starting into Dawson’s windows. He thinks Jen’s there to enter and she says, no, just as a coach. She says dudes these days are conditioned to like who the media tells them to like, which is amusing because she’s gorgeous and has nothing to worry about there. Dawson’s Creek Revisited: Season 1, Episode 12 – Beauty Contest Posted on April 15, 2014 by updawsonscreek Reply Opening scene, in Dawson’s bed as per usual, he’s watching bugs have sex. Joey gives her some ice and Jen walks off defeated yet again. Joey’s singing a song from Les Miserables, On My Own. Sony Pictures, which handled the releases, happily paid the fees to use the track in the season one and two DVD sets, but when it failed to fly off the shelves they made cutbacks. Well, I learned something new. So Pacey starts musing about that $5,000 prize and Dawson reminds him it’s just for girls. Jen wants to be friends now that Dawson’s out of the way. Pacey’s working on a magic act (He does magic?) Download & listen to the ost soundtrack, list of songs & score music. Pacey in the evening wear portion of the pageant. Joey sits down for her interview and Dawson asks, “If you could commit one act without consequence, what would it be? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Dawson is pretty much falling in love right now. Season Pacey’s with Jen and taunting her about Dawson eyeing up Joey, asking if she’s experiencing any dumper’s remorse in the 6.8 seconds it’s been since Joey captured Dawson’s attention. | Opening scene, in Dawson’s bed as per usual, he’s watching bugs have sex. …or maybe the writers just forgot about it. Subtlety =/= this show. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Tunisia or Africa (Uh, Tunisia is in Africa) or Antarctica. 12 May 1998 You might be appalled and wonder why exactly this changed but it appears that Run Like Mad was actually chosen first all those many years ago as a number of songs were commissioned for the show. The Scare He’s a hit, she says, but has no chance of winning because the club would rather die in a sea of flames than crown him Miss Windjammer. Jen says she was always afraid when she was with Dawson that he would suddenly realize how hot Joey was. Most Verbose Articulation: Dawson: Except, I’m afraid, your God-given ability to relieve yourself standing up has rendered you ineligible. He offers her a roll in the hay to help her skin…? I can’t wait for you to process that now you like me! Pacey’s in a mood because his dad spent the morning giving him hell for failing school, skipping classes and stealing his car. And Dawson’s like, come on, obviously no. Dawson didn’t see that coming. But the girls aren’t done. Denne side mangler stadig indhold "Beauty Contest" er den tolvte episode i 1. sæson. It's when Pacey is telling Dawson about his problems with his father. NEVER JUDGE-- Joey (Katie Holmes) becomes the center of amorous attention when she enters a local beauty competition to earn money towards her future education; meanwhile, to the pageant judges' dismay, Pacey (Joshua Jackson) enters the pageant on the grounds that he is as qualified as any female contestant. Arvin Brown And Dawson’s got nothing to say to that. Pacey tells him to get over it and Dawson says he thinks he has but continues to make Jen uncomfortable with these weird overtures as some sort of hobby. And that’s the second gay joke he’s made this episode. Jen unconvincingly says no. Also another winner for Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson - the former delivering (including, but not limited to) a heartbreaking subtext in her character's talent act scene, and the latter once again stealing scenes with his character's dry wit and hilarious talent act (every American beauty contest has a talent act, right?). That girl really needs to get a grip. And she really seems to mean it. At the competition, Dawson is interviewing the candidates and one girl says she might like to work with– and this is verbatim, folks– the crippled or retarded children. He also considers entering a beauty pageant would piss off his father. And then Dawson’s like, I thought this was what you wanted. Leery leaves and Dawson and Joey get cozy and Jen watches and looks crushed. She thinks Joey’s self esteem needs an overhaul. She asks if Pacey really thinks he has a chance to win and he says if he helps her lose then it’ll be worth it. Outside the Leery house, Jen asks Dawson how his news coverage went, but his mind’s really on other things. User Ratings The two laugh over their crummy families and my guess is that bonding moment is the last we’ll see of Hannah. This is what we imagined we would hear when we see the credits roll and the cast – James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson, Michelle Williams et al – wander through the gorgeous green backdrop of Capeside. The prize is tickets to a matinee at a theatre that can only be used on Tuesday or Thursday. Oh teenagers. Which is what Joey’s been waiting for all this time.

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