One day soon, I hope to post my own, By far the greatest pass time and reminder of how out of reach all of these works of art are. Jeff Roggendorf Sign up for our mailing list to receive exclusive discount coupon codes and all the latest news from USA Custom Guitars. We take all the steps necessary to comply with both CITES and United States government regulations in the import and export of all species of Dalbergia (Rosewood). Just how many options do you have when designing your dream guitar or bass with the Fender Mod Shop? I absolutely LOATHE this system!!! Design your dream guitar or bass with our new online configurators. The only specification that comes as standard with a Waghorn guitar … What’s to say? Welcome to the shop of ukulele, guitar, fiddle and viola luthier Jay Lichty. Our semi-custom guitars are built using high-quality wood that we source and supply. BYO hand selected and built guitar parts and kits. While he has taught many many folks through both one-on-one and group workshops, he currently has such a full build schedule that he is not teaching at this time. Delays in processing forced our international customers to endure months of waiting, and when the product finally arrived at their country, even with what was supposedly the proper paperwork, there were some instances where their items were still held or confiscated by customs officials. Our neck and body builder guides you step-by-step making it quick and easy to get just what your looking for. If you have any questions about this item or are looking for something special that you don’t see offered in our store contact us at Butala Custom Shop Guitars.Check out our support page for details regarding build time .Thanks This guitar body is based on the 80’s Kramer Pacer body shape. Creating your own customized guitar or bass just as artists like Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jim Root have done in the past would be pretty cool, right? Catch the latest via our feed –. We get this question a lot. Now I can turn all my friends on to the Balaguer of their dreams! Jeff Pettinato BYO-CS-69T-Body $219.00 * * BYO Custom … Any unused balance will remain on the Gift Card for future redemption using the same Gift Card serial number. 6 – Pickguard materials for the Precision Bass and Jazz Bass: 1-Ply Gold Anodized, 4-Ply Aged White Pearl, 4-Ply Tortoiseshell, 3-Ply Mint Green, 3-Ply Parchment and 3-Ply Black, 5 – Pickup options for the Stratocaster (in addition to limited releases): V-Mod SSS, V-Mod HSS, 4th Generation Noiseless SSS, 4th Generation Noiseless HSS and Texas Special SSS (1-Ply White, Brown Anodized, Orange Pearl and Green Pearl pickguard only available with American Series SSS, 4th Generation Noiseless SSS and Texas Special SSS) We spent countless hours working with government agencies to wade through all the paperwork, trying to make sense of the rules and restrictions. We regret that we will no longer export Rosewood products outside of the U.S.A. We met the challenge of the new CITES ruling head on, being one of the first guitar companies to receive the permit. Pick your model, tonewoods, finishes, hardware and we’ll make your dream a reality. A luthier is a craftsman who makes or repairs stringed instruments such as guitars, ukuleles, violins or banjos.The origins of the word luthier come from the French word luth, which means lute.The craft of making and repairing instruments is a centuries-old tradition. Since each instrument is built by a team of three trained luthiers, we take advantage of traditional techniques by hand but also use CNC machines to make accurate and consistent cuts. The guitars look awesome but just wait till you actually get it. 10 – Configurable features for the Precision Bass and Jazz Bass, 2 – Orientations: Left-handed or right-handed Boutique Guitars, Luthiers Tools & Training Crimson Guitars, based in a customised factory in Dorset, is the premier UK manufacturer of both production and bespoke guitars to the highest of standards. 6 String Guitars; 7 String Guitars; 8 String Guitars; 9 & 10 String Guitars ; Custom Shop. (verified owner) – December 21, 2018. Spec out a custom guitar body, choosing from most of our body styles and standard options. USA Custom Guitars accepts no responsibility of the items once they have successfully cleared CITES inspection in the United States and have shipped to your location. Step inside the shop of this luthier and you are sure to see dust flying. I like it. 2 – Body materials: Ash (for burst finishes, Vintage Blonde and Natural) or Alder (for solid color finishes) We have found that this is a rapidly changing environment as the world catches up to the recent CITES ruling, therefore it is your responsibility as the customer to clear customs in your country of residence, and any holdup of that clearance is the sole responsibility of you.the customer. Experiment, and view your choices and changes all … Navigation In Stock. We are approved for International shipping of Rosewood! Gift Cards cannot be used or redeemed towards previous purchases. Every Waghorn custom guitar is built from only the best quality tonewoods and each is genuinely handcrafted with the greatest care and attention to detail. There is also a possibility, depending on the laws of your country, that there may be a “Phytosanitary Certificate” fee which can range from $75 to $125. Due to a glitch on our website, many of these items say "In Stock". If you don’t specifically see the option available, it means that if you want it, you must call or email to get a quote. A lot of options and an easy and friendly system that helps you to express your ideas, giving them a shape. The origins of the word luthier come from the French word luth, which means lute. Jay built his first instrument, a ukulele, in 2009. Learn more by watching a piece produced for Windstream’s Locally Crafted project –, Watch a guitar come to life in the workshop of Lichty Guitars ….

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