Another great infographic example is “15 Important Stats About Blogging and Content Marketing” by Irfan Ahmad on Social Media Today. If the next step doesn’t align with your business objective, why create that piece of content in the first place? Instead, audiences seek a logical next step they can take within the context of the page they’re reading. But when you click “Look up cost” under “Current annual college cost”, you’ll notice that they have tuition costs for just about every school in the United States. But, even without a CRM tool, Google Analytics can still help bridge the gap. The human brain processes visual data 60,000 times faster than text. Even in non-infographic content, the best rule of thumb to follow is to keep it simple. You’ll also want to discern key learnings for next time. Our ActiveCampaign Campy content on social media is fun but still relevant to things our business does, such as opening a new office.Fluff is cute on a puppy, but less so in your content, if it doesn’t make a difference or provide value in some way. Infographics aren’t meant to be long and full of detail the way a long-form blog will. This infographic also outlines ways to succeed in content marketing that coincide with the contents of the table itself. At this stage, the buyer has all of the information around what can be done to solve the problem. Win-win. Right now, I want to call attention to number 6. Sometimes, reading is just plain hard. Relying on random acts of content no longer works, and usually leads to defeated content marketers wondering where they went wrong. Earlier, I mentioned an article from copyhackers about a headline writing challenge that contributor Justin Blackman wrote about. Here are a few of the best video content examples around. Perhaps you will distribute the campaign to your existing customer base first, then your newsletter subscribers, and then to a broader audience. If you’re reaching the right audiences, check the promotional items, such as paid ads, themselves. Blogs are probably one of the most common and when done right, effective content marketing ideas out there. This tool, and the way it’s presented, gives the user the answer they need, without having to go to another cost calculator. Earned media is actually one of the most important distribution channels content marketers can utilize, but very few actually do. Earned media not only borrows audiences from publishers and influencers, it also helps drive inbound links to your content, which increases its potential to rank well in search engines. A content marketing campaign is a one-time series of efforts and actions that align around a single goal. Once the pieces feel rock solid and aligns back to your business objectives, it’s time to launch. If the goal is to drive leads, you may want to make the takeaway to be a sense of urgency to buy, or leave a feeling of being scared that they’ll be left behind by their competition. Before you begin the process of creating content, it’s essential to lay the groundwork for why you are creating a campaign. Although social media isn’t as scalable of a content host as other types, it has to be recognized. If you’re getting the right audience to your site but they’re not converting, look at your content’s performance. Econsultancy made this infographic about the key elements of content marketing in 2014. “I will teach you to be rich” is pretty enticing. It gives search engines context as to what other websites think your content is about. The Audience Overview tab of Google Analytics is a fantastic place to see this information. Depending on the goal of the campaign, vanity metrics may make the content team look bad – or worse, send a signal to the c-suite that content marketing isn’t driving bottom-line results. There are defined emotions like happy, sad, or angry, but for the most part, emotions live on a spectrum. If you’re doing the process by hand, you need to identify the keyword manually by finding the keywords that work best for your competitors and how much traffic they get from them. If you’re using content intelligence, this keyword will be very clear. It also promotes internal biases to selecting topics that the content team already knows a lot about. Buyer personas used to be an essential component of any marketing campaign. Wayfair is not only a brand I buy from, but also a social media account I love to follow. Definitely helped. Identifying your audience’s pain points and identifying the topics you should cover in your content marketing campaign go hand-in-hand. Paid media may sit in a different part of the organization from content marketing. However, for other business objectives, such as revenue generation, a call to action needs to be made part of the content. “The Best Way to Suck at Marketing…huh what’s that?” Boom, he’s got you. You can create these on your own website, but they are often more effective if they live on partner sites and borrow someone else’s audience. We published our 2018 Healthcare Content Marketing Report in March of 2018.

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