Ashland’s online communication program gives students the opportunity to study at their own pace. How does UCLA's comm studies compare with USC's annenberg? 7. I want to get my MBA in the future. Examples: Monday, today, last week, Mar 26, 3/26/04, 2021 Submitting ACT without writing - does anyone have a clear answer, UCLA Music performance supplement worksheet, UC to UC Transfers (specifically from UCR to UCI/UCLA as a biochem major) Fall 2022. It's a shame when that happens and someone is honestly looking for answers and advise. humanities majors be like damn i have a Thought due on wednesday, Agricultural studies majors be like damn I have a corn on the cob due this week , english majors be like damn i have depression, male english majors be like damn i got an entitled in-class monologue no one asked for due wednesday, History majors be like damn I have to steal the Declaration of Independence by Friday, international relations majors be like damn i have a CIA-sponsored coup to support this friday, anthropology majors be like I have a society due on monday , film majors be like fuck i gotta do nothing by friday, sociology majors be like damn i have to solve systematic racism by friday, education majors be like damn I have a child’s entire future due on monday, communication majors be like I have a conversation due Thursday, poli sci majors be like damn i gotta become president this friday , stem majors be like damn i have a robot due this friday, Business majors be like "damn i gotta exploit the working class by Tuesday", Environmental studies majors be like damn I gotta save the world by yesterday, psychology majors be like damn I have trauma to process by Friday, Chemistry majors be like damn I gotta bring a stitched-together corpse to life in a world that will never accept him by Friday, Philosophy majors be like damn I need to find the meaning of life by Friday, poetry majors be like You’ll have tests, quizzes, essays and assignments. If you’ve read this far, you’re probably wondering how much money a communication major can make? are like many others in college. Although you may be a Film major, you still know how to write. I went to UCLA and communications is an extremely difficult major to be accepted to. @atticshape. That’s about as fast as the average for all occupations! Although many people think a major in communication leads to low paying salaries, many of the career paths in communication can lead to a lucrative and sustainable career. Many people forget that most media professionals have a background in communication and the media is all around us! need to create, edit, translate and disseminate information through a variety of different platforms. What many people don’t know is there are theories and concepts unique to the communication field, so pursuing this major will expose you to a new form of knowledge. Be sincere. The workload might look different, but you’ll still be challenged. Contrary to popular belief, as a communication major, there are several jobs to choose from. California residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. It is a fluff major just about anywhere BESIDES UCLA. Although these are just a few median salaries and career opportunities for communication majors, it reveals quite a lot. If you’re thinking about majoring in communication, you probably understand the value it may bring, but also may have encountered the misconceptions and stereotypes people have while researching the major. You're probably wondering where the increase in employment stems from? Reporting on what you care about. Majors like Chemistry, Biology, and Math are useless by themselves unless you get a pHD or go pre-med. LOLLOL...comm studies is north it is a joke..apparently GETTING IN to comm studies is supposedly hard (like the prereq classes are hard)....BUT once u are in its a joke lol...if ur trying to get an MBA it wont really matter about ur major..u need to do LOTS of ECs that show leadership etc..comm studies is an easy major and u'll get a high gpa..make sure u do LOTS of ECs and you will get in to MBA school..ur not going to get a job off of comm studies so just forget it..most ppl use it as an easy stepping stone for grad schools..i wouldnt go to USC cause it'd be a waste of money to go there, and u'll want to save money for MBA school so u don't have to take a huge loan.

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