Both cameras are weather-sealed, which will protect your kit against the harsher elements. The EOS 80D camera features a powerful mechanical shutter system with electronically controlled speeds from 1/8000 to 30 sec. Continuous shooting: 7 fps the Canon 7d II has 10 fps, new Canon 80 can have 8 fps, Live view: yes no change is expected Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 review Here’s how to use it, How to tell if your security camera has been hacked, Best Prime Day drone deals 2020: Latest discounts and cheapest prices, If you have your heart set on the DJI Mavic Mini drone, now’s the time to buy it, The OnePlus 8T revives the monochrome phone camera, and it’s really good. Having first launched in early 2016, the Canon 80D is now pushing four years old. The Canon EOS 80D is a digital single-lens reflex camera announced by Canon on February 18, 2016. If the DXO mark numbers are correct, Nikon has a huge advantage over Canon and even micro 4/3 camera suppliers like Panasonic and Olympus is near if not ahead of Canon in sensor technology. It also features 4 types of AF area selection modes useful for a number of different AF situations. Read More Data charges may apply with the download of the free Canon Camera Connect app. Read More Crisp sound. (1/100s, f/7.1, ISO 100, 38mm equivalent), ^ The camera has picked out lots of subtle detail in this shot, but I had to dial in -1 EV of exposure compensation to avoid blowing out the highlights. Express yourself in full detail and bring your dreams to life with Canon's Video Creator Kits. The 90D also has a faster image processor with the new Digic 8, an improvement on the Digic 6 on the 80D. In P, Av, Tv and M mode, enabled with the AE lock button. However, the 80D hasn’t inherited the 750D’s ability to move the autofocus point via the touchscreen while composing shots on the viewfinder — a slightly counter-intuitive feature but one that I find much quicker than pressing the four-way pad. When you replace the card, the numbering will be reset to start from 0001. When in live-view, the 80D offers a disappointing 5 fps continuous shooting. Video format: 1920×1080/30,25,24 1080×720/60,50 640×480/30,25 no change is expected CarePAK PLUS offers protection from accidental damage such as drops, spills, power surges, and more, including normal wear and tear, beyond the standard warranty period. When the Canon 7d Mk II will be released probably this year, this give way to the new Canon 80d. What these suppliers missing is the lens lineup Canon has. Install the download by clicking on the file name. Having the tools to make it happen is amazing. Full HD can now be shot at up to 120 fps, twice that of the 80D. CarePAK PLUS is a cost-effective and easy-to-use additional coverage plan. For example a 12 Megapixel sensor with significantly lower noise level. Among the advanced electronics onboard the EOS 80D camera, a fine-tuned RGB+IR metering sensor not only helps ensure accurate exposure, but also uses Color Tracking to detect skin color and help provide precise AF. The camera’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF system focuses fast, and Movie Servo AF tracking helps maintain focus even when the action gets going. But, Canon did bring things up to speed in the 90D with its EOS iTR technology, which stands for Intelligent Tracking and Recognition. Read More * Please note that the magnifier will reduce the field of view visible through the camera's viewfinder and display. It magnifies the viewfinder image by approx. Canon DSLR, Mirrorless, Compact, Lenses, Flashes Rumors. Amazon slashes price of Canon EOS Rebel SL3 DSLR Camera for Black Friday, The best Black Friday Camera deals for 2020, Apple iPhone 12: Everything you need to know, Save $100 on this Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera Bundle for Black Friday, How to remove location data from your iPhone photos in iOS 13, The best wide-format photo printers for 2020, The best portable photo printers for 2020, Golden hour is photography’s oldest trick. The three possibilities for the new upcoming Canon 80D is the following: 1. Enhance your photography by enrolling in the EOS 80D online course and learn how to capture stunning images. That makes the 90D the highest-resolution APS-C camera on the market. The tremendous volume of data generated undergoes high speed processing via the DIGIC 6 processor, enabling speeds of up to 7.0fps for photos (continuous shooting) and Full HD 60p/50p for movies to be achieved. Read More Remarkably fast AF during Live View shooting is possible due to the enhanced Dual Pixel CMOS AF, now compatible with all EF/EF-S lenses and extenders*. # One-time registration is required on CANON iMAGE GATEWAY online photo album. The Canon 70d for example had a new Dual pixel live view AF, which is a significant improvement for people interested in video recording / film making. Shutter durability tested up to 100,000 cycles. Whether raising your game to DSLR level photography or having fun with a feature-rich, versatile DSLR you can use anywhere, the EOS 80D is your answer.

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