It rests in the wok, allowing you to place heatproof dishes right in the wok. It’s also so light to allow for flipping. PARBOILING AND BLANCHING: In some recipes, denser vegetables and meats are boiled for a short time to partially cook them, followed by stir-frying, grilling, or braising, which completes the cooking process. I discourage using any other type of spatula with a wok, and hereu2019s why: A wok spatula is designed with a rounded edge that should fit the curve of the wok, making it very easy to scrape food from the wok, collecting it all and leaving hardly any residue. Cast iron woks tend to work better on ceramic and glass electric stoves but they arenu2019t as durable. You don’t need to do that again. The one thing we believe should not influence your choice is the price. For now, let dive into the reviews and sample out some of the best choices in the market right now. These are the considerations made in designing this Rachel Ray wok. This wok has a flat bottom that’s a bit larger than the bottom of a traditional wok so you get plenty of heat in the center for stir-frying. Too impatient to read to the end? Many wok designs have round bottoms. (For very well-seasoned woks, you can skip this step, as there should now be enough of a patina to keep it oiled and rust-free.). Here is our top recommendation- Lodge P14W3 Pro-Logic Cast Iron Wok. When water droplets sprinkled on the wok’s surface sizzle immediately, it’s ready. There is also the issue of heat distribution, but it’s a little subjective because the material plays a role in that. A wok is at the heart of every Chinese kitchen. It boasts of an ultra-shiny surface that guarantees healthy meals all through its lifetime. The design breaks somewhat from tradition, throwing a modern twist into the mix. The handles will typically be made of a different material from the pan, oftentimes wood or bamboo. Just place the wok ring on the electric stove burner area. If you do gravitate toward rounded models, it’s possible to purchase a ring stand to provide stability. Stir-fry for about 15 minutes, moving the vegetables all around the wok to completely cover the bottom and the sides of the wok. Most of your time will be spent preparing the ingredients. I'm a passionate cooker and writer. A small amount of strong aromatics and very little sauce are added after the meat or vegetable is dry-fried. The recipes can be great for inspiration! A bamboo steamer is ideal for dim sum dishes and buns and protects them from sogginess. A 14-inch wok is an ample size for a family of four to six, and is the standard size used in most home kitchens. Using a metal steaming rack is convenient for larger food like fish and vegetables, and even for steaming leftover rice, which can benefit from a few droplets of condensation. Whether you want to deep fry, stir-fry, or sauté, this shiny and lightweight wok will get you covered. CHEF’S KNIFE OR CLEAVER: A good sharp knife is an essential tool for any kitchen, Chinese or not. Stir-frying is incredibly versatile since you can use just about any combination of vegetables and meats that you have on hand. Season this pan with your favourite technique before cooking to stop food from sticking. However, it makes up for lack of this feature by being dishwasher safe. However, it makes up for lack of this feature by being dishwasher safe. The stainless steel handles stay cool throughout the cooking process. Techef-Onyx Collection 12-inch Stir-fry Pan is a badass when it comes to heat conduction. It’s safe for use with electric stoves, so you don’t need to worry about the cookware becoming damaged. Such pans avoid the common problems that come with heavier types like palmar flexion, dorsiflexion, and radial/ulnar deviation. Wok style cooking involves a great deal of tossing and mixing. When the oil is hot, now you can add ingredients as usual according to your recipe and stir fry. The design of the lid of a bamboo steamer handily allows some steam to escape instead of allowing water condensation to fall onto the food. In fact, the stir-frying process literally takes just minutes, so youu2019ll want to be ready with all your prepped ingredients before you fire up the wok. There are over 5 layers of coating-a robust engineering that makes this wok far more efficient than others. Prepare the ingredients. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. T-fal Hard Anodized Nonstick Wok comes with an ergonomic handle with a nonstick surface. Learn how your comment data is processed. The best wok for an electric stovetop is one with a flat bottom. Let the pan cool for a while, and it will be ready for use. Cast iron woks tend to work better on ceramic and glass electric stoves but they aren’t as durable. That layer must be removed before using it. It may wobble a little. I live with my husband and our sweet baby girl in a small house at Iron Mountain, USA. Because she uses it on a daily basis, it rests on her gas burner at all times.

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