While flexibility will always be greater in a digital console, it carries the burden of added complexity, a steeper and longer learning curve, and a generally higher price tag than analog --- about 40% to 80% higher (and up) for most 24 and 32 channel models. (Note: I hesitate to give any advice on loudspeaker selection without knowing more about the room and application. Good question Mike. Smaller analog consoles that do not have matrix outputs, and digital as well, can give up the convenience of using Submasters (if so equipped) for the house mix, using them instead to create several variations in content for different areas of the room. DAW integration was my suggestion simply because I'm a musician and I know we'd run directs out into the computer when we bring our laptops. Let's look at the distinguishing characteristics of the two formats: An analog console, by nature, has all controls for all functions located on the console control surface. Regardless of the console you choose, make sure you select a size that allows for some growth in your mixing needs. But nothing is truly one-size-fits-all, especially when it comes to loudspeakers. Already have an account? more than 6 years ago. And a follow-up question: Who is going to be the point person for training other sound team members how to operate the sound system? Just something that'll get the job done and last awhile. Invest in your sound team’s training, even if it is a team of one. Adding compression to every channel would not be cheap. With the goal to provide insight into a variety of topics including social media, websites, worship, media, mobile, and software, ChurchTechToday aims to shed light on how church technology can empower and position churches for impact and growth. A wonderfully designed digital console can sound very, very good. Speaking pragmatically, it's essentially impossible to beat the sonic quality of a pristine, high-end analog console because all digital consoles get their signals from mainly analog sources, and eventually have to convert back to analog for the output to be useable. Mackie Onyx or A & H Zed. Not a 2 track because something maybe too loud or not loud enough etc. I like to mix multitracks. Each channel has a fader, EQ controls, mic gain trim, assorted switches that vary in purpose from one design to another, and a number of Aux Sends. However, digital may well be worth the added investment in dollars and time if the situation requires the added features, and if the longer time to mastery, especially for inexperienced operators, is not an obstacle. My church is looking for a digital mixer that's pretty straight forward. I see more damage done with digital consoles in the hands of those who don't know than with analog. If they have to adjust anything they have to contact the Father having the key. The user merely enables power, and viola, all the mic's and wireless's are now operational! A quick start guide to build and grow your church’s online strategy. And vice-versa. This is because most buttons and controls do two or more things depending on the mode the console is in. The answer is not simple. Not a 2 track because something maybe too loud or not loud enough etc. Age probably has nothing to do with it, it's likely more about change and being willing to learn and try something new. For example, if front-fill speakers are present in the system they may not need musical content, only vocals, because there may already be too much music coming off the stage from the guitar amplifiers, drum kit, horns, etc. All mixing can now be done using a mobile device; the operator can choose his location - by the video monitors or middle of the audience or wherever.PreSonus seems to be saying that every possible adjustment (and presumably other mfgr's likewise) that can be made from the surface of the board can also be performed remotely using a net-worked PC or tablet device. Try moving it closer to his/her mouth (~8” below the chin). Unless you have a separate monitor console and operator, the importance of Aux sends cannot be overemphasized. If she has no prior experience with mixing and audio, it's best to organize a few hours of training from the supplier or re-seller.

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