Marines / Navy / Coast Guard Not to mention, there’s more you can do on a Belt Squat Machine than just squats. Maine Attach a pair of web handles and do pull-throughs, or use a V-grip to do deep grip pulls. An industry first. New belt squatting machines cost $3K! With the benefits of the Belt Squat Machine and the versatility of it, there’s really no reason it shouldn’t be in your gym lineup. Select Your State The large platform allows for a staggered stance, split squats, and even stationary lunges or box squats. More than 800 pounds of resistance is possible. Other steel items and benches will also take 8-10 weeks to be built. Utah Other options New from $79.95. They have a cable coming out of the floor that attaches to a belt squatting belt: These machines have a safety release that keeps the cable loose until you attach it to the belt. International (not listed above), State: It’s a given that you squat on a Belt Squat Machine, but the Legend Fitness Belt Squat Machine (3217) has a wide, thick rubber platform that makes it possible to perform various stances that may not work on other machines. Canada Request a visit from our NEW Keiser Demo Van and “Demo the Keiser Difference” – in the convenience of your own facility. Ireland In bodybuilding circles, the Belt Squat Machine is often upheld as an extraordinary piece of equipment thanks to its ability to deliver great results without too much strain on the upper body. With a belt squat, your legs get a screaming good workout while your back, shoulders, and arms get some recuperation time. FBI / CIA / Homeland Security / all other government agencies, It’s a given that you squat on a Belt Squat Machine, but the Legend Fitness, Narrower and wider stances aren’t the only things possible on our Belt Squat Machine. $7.99 shipping. It's easy to do alone, there's no need to stand on risers, and you can choose whatever stance width is most comfortable for you. Australia Doing belt squats remove the limits placed on athletes by the upper and lower back, and it means the user can load up on weight without compressing the spine, straining the shoulders, or stressing the wrists and elbows. Featuring magnetic-resistance technology, our groundbreaking M Series Indoor Bikes, M5i Strider Ellipticals and M3i Total Body Trainers feature Bluetooth® technology and continue to lead innovation among the cardio equipment industry. Pivoting handles accommodate exercisers from 4’8” to 7’ tall. To find your The belt has durable padding for comfort and a robust attachment point. GORILA MEN'S ORIGINAL T-SHIRT - GREEN SLATE. Relatively few bolts make for extreme strength and rigidity. Gorila Fitness - Bodybuilding, Fitness & Gym equipment supplier in Canada. Maryland The belt squat is designed to execute great form during your workout and enables users to lift heavy without any load travelling through the lower back. Colorado Belt squats are not only great for athletes looking to build lower body strength, but also they can be beneficial for those who have injuries to their upper body. Compressed air for Keiser equipment is delivered through Keiser’s custom designed air supply system. Any incentives, special pricing, free shipping or California Alabama Nevada New Mexico You will get a tracking number by email as usual. Please contact us for more information. Vermont Oregon Ohio Select Your Branch/Department (if applicable) China The Belt Squat Machine comes with an adjustable heavy duty belt. Build explosive hip and leg strength against as much as 800 pounds of resistance without the resistive load passing through your shoulders and spinal column. Continental United States No secret inventory or used products in-stock. Iowa Our most popular system features attractive aluminum trim which can be installed anywhere. Missouri Talk to an Expert & Get the Best Prices! Select Your Location You'll need a cable station and a belt. Sign up to get the Gorila Fitness lasted news and secret offers. Please select one of the following options, Please select from one of the countries below.

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