1 I love the summer. Underline the items that make the meaning less precise. ‘I want to t-t-t-tell you something,’ she stuttered repeat sounds at the beginning of words nervously. 6 In a bibliography, it is normal practice to put book titles in i rather than inverted commas, as some students do at first. countable or uncountable) Government plans to build a new airport in this area a lot of disagreement about a subject, usually are bound to cause controversy. endobj You raise your hand to ask a question (NOT lift your hand). 8 You would be advised to start looking for another job. New language is taught in manageable two-page units with the presentation of vocabulary on the left-hand page and practice activities on the right. /Annots [ << -able can be used productively, whereas -ible never is. 6 The new young Czech player was f the highest plaudits from the judges. material It is impossible to deal with all the issues in this short essay. [slightly wet; from a recipe] The climate in the north is damp and rather cold. << condone approve or allow something which most The judge condoned the use of reasonable people consider to be wrong force by police officers. 2. ed. 1 A: ‘I’m afraid your insurance policy expired a month ago, so you can’t claim for the fire damage.’ B: ‘Oh no! 7 Did you get what the lecturer was saying? 6 A word for something that happens as a result of something else is . Use a dictionary if necessary. Cambridge English Vocabulary in Use (Pre intermediate & Intermediate) (2004) /URI (www\056cambridge\056org) Each book has its own features, The Elementary book includes pictures which makes it easy for the kids to remember the words. instead He hates speaking in front of people because speak with abnormal pauses and repetitions he’s got a really bad stammer. The countryside round here is terribly flat and boring. (agree after being initially unwilling) 8 The police have announced that they are to begin to on motorists who exceed the speed limit. << Write a synonym or explanation for each of the examples not used in 91.1. They were ejected from the restaurant for bad behaviour. ‘They’re all sharks in that garage.’ ‘I think that new office block is a scar on the landscape.’ ‘Emma’s a real diamond.’ The idea of sharks as sharp-toothed creatures with an aggressive reputation should help you to understand that the speaker does not like the garage. There will usually be more than one possible answer. Compare thing and article: we say we don’t usually say the real thing the genuine thing the genuine article the real article I don’t like five-a-side football; I prefer the real thing. 3 If you want to give a conservative estimate when forecasting profits, would you prefer to (a) underestimate or (b) overestimate your figures? 7 When you go on business trips, do you have time to go and that? 73.2 Complete each of these sentences with one word. Those others are just cheap imported copies. (2010) discuss this problem. /S /URI If we call a city a jungle, for example, we are using a metaphor. Write the verbs in phrases both ways using one of these objects. 1 infomercial 2 podcast 3 camcorder 4 veggieburger 5 swimathon 6 freeware English Vocabulary in Use Advanced 183, 89 English: a global language A The origins of English vocabulary LANGUAGE ONLINE Some languages do not easily accept words from other languages into their lexicon1, but English has always welcomed them. [taboo expressions] To pledge (a pledge) means to promise something, often friendship or money: Mayor Williams has pledged millions of dollars to improve the city centre. 5 The Minister is likely to acquiesce with the proposal. The disease has broken out in several villages in There has been an outbreak of the disease in several the north of the country. a b c 3 A detailed list of awards is given overleaf. /Font << It has verified by qualified English Teachers and is used world wide as an academic book for learning English Vocabulary. >> misbehave and misuse. BT Q B: Precisely!/Absolutely! /URI (www\056cambridge\056org\0579781316631539) 2 I think you should always be as discreet as possible when it is a question of people’s private lives. Enough is ! [in a place dominated by; negative connotation] She complimented me on my performance at the concert. 6 You’re writing an official, formal letter of complaint to the top level of management about a lack of safety procedures at work. page/pages. /Border [ 0 0 0 ] /pdfrw_0 74 0 R /Type /Pages Check Now! 95.3 2 Charlie was quick to take advantage of a chance for promotion that arose at his workplace. /Border [ 0 0 0 ] 4 Unless things change, we won’t be able to get away for a holiday. 4 They’re good shoes. If I , she wanted to study chemistry, didn’t she? This page will be useful both as part of individual learning whether you are  a student, traveller or professional, and as a complement to school work. >> • any favourite items you like to add to your food, e.g. /URI (www\056cambridge\056org\0579781316631539) (explain) Sam he had behaved so strangely. »DOWNLOAD: PDF + AUDIO. 3 He went around to her flat on the pretext of wanting to borrow a book. 4 The generals the agreement to end fighting while peace terms were worked out at midday on 25 February 1996. 5 She made sure nobody was looking, and her husband did the shoplifting. 5 We’ll have to call out tomorrow’s picnic if the weather is bad. >> ] we got our wires crossed yesterday. /URI (www\056cambridge\056org) /Type /Page The numbers 4 sub-heading (within a chapter) on the extract are in superscript. So if a journalist calls a politician a dove, they are suggesting that he or she is a peacemaker. a disease, you are talking about how often it occurs. 3 Stop messing around – go and tidy your room. [feel relaxed and happy] It took me ages to put together the report. (up) 4 The committee held her complaint, and she was awarded compensation. /Type /Page It took him a long time to realise they were winding him up. ET accord agreement between two enemies to stop fighting for a period of time: The two fighting politicians called a truce, agreeing to put their differences ceasefire behind them for the good of the country. Look at C opposite. 4 If you’re watching a sitcom on TV, are you more likely to want to cry or to laugh?

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