The Baiji has been listed as Critically Endangered since 2006 and the population is still declining and may be extinct. So are we! “This sighting presents a last hope that the Baiji may not go the way of the dodo bird,” said Karen Baragona, Yangtze River Basin Program leader at World Wildlife Fund. Lipotes vexillifer. Are you wild about whales? Powell (Peter Folkens illustrator).National Audubon Society: Guide to Marine Mammals of the World. WWF has been actively involved in the protection of cetaceans and their habitat in the Yangtze River. Our overarching zoological mission is to foster conservation awareness and to impart action on our park guests to preserve wild animals and wild places. Hear animal sounds for animals like anteaters, dolphins, frogs and more. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. An international research team, including biologists from NOAA Fisheries Service has failed to find a single Yangtze River dolphin, or baiji, during a … View our inclusive approach to conservation. & Pitman, R.L. & Pitman, R.L. They are beautiful creatures that can grow up to 2.60 m (8.5′) long and weigh about 167 kg … BEIJING-- The reported sighting of a Yangtze River dolphin, or Baiji, means there is still a chance for people to take further action and protect the cetaceans in the Yangtze from extinction, according to World Wildlife Fund.. Others become entangled in stake net traps. Why is the baiji endangered? Find a variety of free classroom activities that will keep your students engaged and excited to learn about animals. The baiji dolphin went extinct in 2006, the Xerces blue butterfly in 1941 and the thylacine in 1936. Historically, the Baiji was also found in Dongting and Poyang Lakes. By Brian Gruters. Report of the Standing Sub-Committee on Small Cetaceans. Go behind-the-scenes to see how our trainers care for and interact with these amazing animals, and get up close with some finned, flippered, or feathered friends. Varying water levels in the Yangtze River due to industrial development have limited available habitat. Smith, B.D., Wang, D., Braulik, G.T., Reeves, R., Zhou, K., Barlow, J. These long, braided lines with numerous sharp hooks are meant to catch fishes. Washington, DC 20037. (ed.). BEIJING-- The reported sighting of a Yangtze River dolphin, or Baiji, means there is still a chance for people to take further action and protect the cetaceans in the Yangtze from extinction, according to World Wildlife Fund. To be effective, efforts must address agriculture, water resources, transportation, environmental protection and sanitation to reduce human disturbance and protect the cetaceans in the river,” Baragona said. Compared to its chipper, bottlenose cousins, the baiji, or Yangtze River dolphin, was not one to pose for the camera.Its recent notoriety is due to its distinction as either the most endangered cetacean in the world, or the first large mammal to become extinct in more than 50 years. on 24 September 2018. “Protections will be implemented under the WWF program to conserve the Baiji and the Yangtze together with related stakeholders,” Baragona added.###. Grizmek's Encyclopedia of Mammals. FAO Species Identification Guide: Marine Mammals of the World. At SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, we extend our commitment to the environment beyond our company by supporting a variety of conservation groups and programs. San Francisco: Sierra Club Books, 1983. 2000. Learn more about the Seasonal Camp Counselor program at SeaWorld. Little is known about a river dolphin's natural history. What is the temperature at the bottom of the ocean? Last year, WWF cooperated with other stakeholders to finish drafting a protection strategy and action plan to improve the protection capacity of nature reserves. The baiji has been protected by China since 1975. Nowak, Ronald M. However, baiji also may become ensnared in the mass of hooks. Baiji may be injured or killed by explosions during construction, and by boat propellers. “Other species have been brought back from the brink of extinction like the southern right whale and white rhinos, but only through the most intensive conservation efforts.”. Currently only found in the Yangtze River of China. New York: Random House, 2002. Chinese biologists began devising a protection strategy in 1986.By establishing reserve sites along the Yangtze River, scientists are hopeful that the species can be saved. Advanced equipments and a well-formulated standard were used for the search expedition, during which participants conducted uninterrupted simultaneous surveillance via high-precision telescope and human eyesight. This species is one of the most endangered cetaceans in the world, with a population numbering in the tens or fewer. Download free teacher guides to keep students learning in a hands-on way: includes vocabulary, classroom activities, goals and objectives. Threats to river dolphin populations include pollution, subsistence hunting, industrial development, dam construction, riverbank deforestation, over fishing, and incidental capture in commercial fisheries. Based on the river’s geographic and hydrological complexity and the official definition of extinction by IUCN, WWF and many scientists agreed that this species was “functionally extinct”, but thought it was still too early to declare its extinction.

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