Korean Drama ‘Saimdang Light’s Diary’ Cut from 30 to 28 Episodes, Season 2 of Korean Drama ‘Bad Guys’ Looking to Air This Fall, 10 Korean Dramas You Need to Be Watching in November 2020, 10 Korean Dramas You Need to Be Watching in January 2020, 10 Korean Dramas You Need to Be Watching in October 2020, Oh Yeon Seo Accepts Lead Role in “Crazy Person in the Area”, Kim Sun Ho Considering Lead Role in “Link”, Song Seung Heon Offered Lead Role in Season 4 of “Voice”. 4. }; Jung-moon smirks at that, “I’m supposed to be the psychopath, but why do you look more like a psycho in my eyes?” ‘S what I’m sayin’. Kind of makes you think of capital punishment for vermin like him. <3. I thought the husband was a contract kill and then he met the wife/fell in love/found out who her who husband was later...I have no idea. Given the buzz factor in Korea (I often see this title among the top 3 drama keywords in the search engines over the weekend), I’m not surprised that the production crew may be considering one. Ut aliquet vestibulum ipsum vel laoreet. When the others start to close in, Goo-tak asks human calculator Jung-moon to assess the situation. OCN is making a Season 2 of the bone-chilling crime-thriller Bad Guys. Season 2 0 Ep. Wait, is Han Jung-hoon going to make us choose between Bad Guys and Vampire Prosecutor (in terms of waiting)? Why, whyyy would you do that? There's a lot we don't understand about people with psychopathic or sociopathic traits, but one thing is very clear in recent studies, and that's that not all of them are serial killers, or even violent people. Pointing his gun at the latter, Prosecutor smugly says he knew the shrink would crack, and he’s sorry-but-not-really-sorry. I agree that there should be more bickering fuzzies and I-hate-you-but-I-love-you teamwork. Mi-young sits in the morgue by the body, tears streaming down her face, emotions welling up inside of how they can never be reconciled now and of how she failed to keep her vow to protect Commissioner Nam to the end. credit is given to Kdrama Kisses (kdramakisses.com) with clear and Sign up to receive updates of kdrama reviews, trailers, casting news, and more! I’m truly sorry.”. I loved this show super bunches but I totally agree with you that it would have been even better if they could have worked together more. Please enter your username or email address. JOIN NOW. Hope you don't mind. Unfortunately for her, she’s told that Prosecutor Oh has taken the memory card already. Kim Sang-joong on a whole new level of hotness. So Prosecutor Oh had returned the favor in kind: “I killed that bastard’s wife.”. This is one of my favorite series of this year. He and Prosecutor Oh had hoped that Jung-moon would kill, but Jung-moon didn’t carry out the order. Why did Tae Sù wanna kill Chief Cha? At the same time, Mi-young surveys the crime scene and catches Commissioner Nam’s car facing the fishing spot… which means the black box camera must have recorded everything. Mi-young has served her use, Prosecutor Oh says. #3 -- That character never quite worked for me. They could go ahead without him since he was cleared for the 15 serials and bring in another psycho...it could work. Detective Oh Goo Tak (Kim Sang Joong) will do whatever it takes to hunt down criminals, which often gets him suspended for the use of excessive force. She falls to the ground in shock, but Tae-soo lists every action he committed and why. Let's hope he can continue to be bad ass and a good guy. Whenever I saw him, I got the impression he was planning something, there was something off about his demeanor. There will be a day when he’ll face judgment for his actions. I also feel like JM wasn't a psychopath...more like a sociopath. Praesent feugiat ut nibh vel euismod. Also, when prosecutor Oh took off his glasses and revealed himself as the killer, I got flashes of Dr. Crane in Batman Begins when he reveals himself as a villain. Glad I was able to track Bad Guys down on DarkSmurfSub. Thank you for recapping this gummi. You are so right chingu! Etiam non mauris ac mi efficitur gravida. A little while later, Goo-tak regales the guys with a story of a man who dreamt of being a butterfly, only to wake up as a human. Rock in roll to the work... I'd always thought it was another contract kill. Amen to that! Tae-soo apologizes profusely, saying that he isn’t looking to be forgiven. As per Prosecutor Oh’s fashion, he states half-truths as certain fact, noting that these four have been working together and killed the police commissioner. Ya I would think sociopath is more apt for Jung Moon.. psychopath/sociopath can feel emotions. And it was not explained why Gootak's daughter was the only victim left in the rain outside ? Jung-moon charges forward, but Woong-chul holds him back and drags him away. But Goo-tak is quick to see the cuts on Prosecutor Oh’s hands—wounds that can only come from someone using excessive force when stabbing someone. “Why?” Jung-moon asks softly. ‘Committing sin is the work of man, but justifying one’s sin is the work of the devil.'”. It was really different, and was a big surprises for me! js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js"; This drama is a hidden gem. The world will judge whether he was right or wrong, Prosecutor Oh says. It was a little thing I suppose. I will definitely watch out for it. BUT he could be lying to protect her some horrible truth about her husband. I was a LITTLE disappointed with the last ep actually, as I expected a lot more from this show given how great the first 10 eps were. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. By the time the door opens, it’s already too late—the doc gets dragged inside and they drive off. So this Operation: Butterfly Dream is to rouse Prosecutor Oh so he can see his true self as the horrible human being he is. It was risky to involve a third person in their plot to frame up Jung-Moon, and Chief Cha's reasons for being involved weren't explained (or I missed it). And for our last ratings check-in, Bad Guys ended on a high-note of 4.1%. I SOOOO BIGBIGBIG FAN OF IT... When Jung-moon asks what that deal was, Doctor Kim answers that he drugged Jung-moon with the same medication he gave him at the clinic. That’s exactly where Prosecutor Oh and Cha wait later that evening, Listening in again, Prosecutor Oh sends Cha and his men to where Doctor Kim is presumably held captive. Thank you so much for recapping Bad Guys gummimochi. js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js"; Thank you for the recaps!

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