SPILL ALBUM REVIEW: ELTON JOHN – ELTON: JEWEL BOX. , artist, Independent purveyors of great music, since 1976, Shipping and final taxes will be calculated at checkout, Did you know we also have a United Kingdom store? New Releases. Released just months after their most recent Future Past Life, it is definitely something very different. Create an, The Chainsmokers - Memories...Do Not Open, James Horner - We're Back! Sign In. The songs guide the listener through complex emotional territory, ultimately reaching a place of peace and beauty. After borrowing her parents’ 35mm Yashica film camera and never returning it, Kristen discovered her love for photographing artists, particularly live performances. It's patient, playful, and calming music that travels through passageways of chaos and anxiety on a journey towards healing. it's hard to review or rate an ambient album, but this is some of the best i've heard out of my limited knowledge of ambient music. Ambient 1 will be a joy of a listen for any fans of STRKR. Add to Watchlist Unwatch. It’s contemplative music that isn’t too heavy or too desolate, but instead, asks you to open your eyes to another world that just might be in front of us. “Zij Aan Zij” is dark and dissonant, furthering the experimental side of Ambient 1. Slow motion glacial drones melt into trance-inducing rhythmic patterns on “Concentrate” and throughout the album hardware synth tones bounce across the stereo field, gelling together for a listening experience that’s meditative and enveloping. Hodges began recording ambient experiments almost daily as a way of processing these difficult emotions. Based on 1 review. Upon completing work on the lo-fi dreaminess of Future Past Life, STRFKR's principal songwriter Josh Hodges found himself returning repeatedly to albums by his favorite ambient artists and minimal composers. For a little shy of an hour, Ambient 1 drifts through softly glowing electronic instrumentals that extract the synth core from the group's well established synth pop sound. Upon completing work on the lo-fi dreaminess of Future Past Life, STRFKR’s principal songwriter Josh Hodges found himself returning repeatedly to albums by his favourite ambient artists and minimal composers. A notable example is “Work Smoothly Lifetime Peace and Bunji”, which blurs the line between the mundane and the melancholy, almost reminiscent of Mort Garson’s Plantasia, with its dreamy twangs and drones. Polyvinyl / Label - / … LP / Format. Rate and review albums along with your friends. this is essentially ambient synth heaven. 30-day returns. The calm chaos in “Anxiety” is just as the title describes. SPILL ALBUM REVIEW: POWERMAN 5000 - THE NOBEL ROT, SPILL VIDEO PREMIERE: KRISTA HARTMAN - "GUARDIAN ANGEL". It’s not quite sad, not quite happy, but a hopeful gloom. She spends her free time playing with her golden retriever and buying too many plants that she doesn’t have room for. Ambient 1 strips away the familiar and the expected, exposing Hodges' signature sonic personality at a granular level. A Dinosaur's Story, James Horner - An American Tail: Fievel Goes West. Submit Correction. SMTCubes. Synth instrumentals fill your ears with ambient warmth. Ambient 1 is a whimsical, dreamlike journey through the ups and downs of life where listeners travel through uncharted land with unique sights and sounds. It’s both a departure from some of their earlier work, and an exploration of themes that have served the band well in the past. Without spending too much time thinking about what it meant, Hodges began recording ambient experiments almost daily as a way of processing these difficult emotions. STRFKR's sound has morphed over the years through variations of hyper catchy, danceable pop, but on Ambient 1 - the band's first fully instrumental album - the band has achieved something very different. Lists. Its slow, drawn-out notes are gut-wrenching, hanging on by a thread as they cascade through the piece. Discography. Ambient 1 by STRFKR: New . User Score. Best Albums. There are no vocals, no traditional song structures, almost nothing resembling the addictive pop the band is known for, but deep listening reveals a more deconstructed manifestation of STRFKR’s meticulously crafted sound.

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