The show has been downloaded more than 40 million times by legions of loyal fans. Our Producer is Mac Greer, our Engineer is Dan Boyd, I'm Chris Hill, thanks for listening, we'll see you next week.

So, 93% of their revenues are now coming from subscriptions. Jason Moser: Man, that's a tough one. Today Oracle, Microsoft, AWS, IBM, and SAP together hold 85% share of this market by revenue. We moved out of his parents' house after two years of dating and originally looked at the Help to Buy scheme. And there are other people that just jump in and it can kind of burn them, because all of a sudden they wake up and they go, whoa! So, having different types of projects, kind of, feeds my energy and my interests. So, you have to master your time. Cross: Chris, this is a stock, between January 2018 and January 2020, fell from a high of $274 to about $155, so more than a 40% drop.
Ranging from opening up your first credit card, student loans, mortgages, investing, stock market basics, budgeting, high yield savings accounts, and more. They're saying, well, I'm just going to jump in and we'll work it all out later.

Hill: Now, let's go to our man behind the glass, Dan Boyd. I mean, it's on track to probably bring in somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 million in revenue this year; that pegs the stock at around 120X sales, not profitable, of course. So, you got a range of experience levels and motivation too. Andy Cross: Hey, it's a heck of a business with plenty of growth ahead of it, but I think this is just, again, the excitement around the IPO market. And matching that with your energy level, that's a great hack. And given their reliance on customers being there, it's certainly understandable. People say, I didn't put anything aside that first year for taxes, I maybe put a little bit aside, but I had no idea what the burden would be. But Amwell is a provider of telehealth services. Luckily, it is possible to make money in various ways and they're listed here for you to consider. Market data powered by FactSet and Web Financial Group. And you see this in the result of something like Snowflake on day one. They have a strong backlog still, which is good. Cross: Chris, absolutely. Dan Boyd: Chris, can I enter the hot take zone for a moment? The podcast can be heard for free on the Money Girl blog, and many apps, including Apple Podcasts and the Stitcher app, where it consistently ranks as a top financial podcast.

But these big acquisitions, Chris, always are a little bit tricky to, kind of, get into the works, even though Nvidia is talking about how it will be accretive. So, for instance, I'm a morning person. Stock Advisor launched in February of 2002. As a preteen girl, it can be hard to make money for those cool things you want to buy, such as a laptop, iPod, or a cell phone.

So, I think things are starting to improve, I don't think bankruptcy is something that's going to happen with Dave & Buster's here. But I'll tell you, for most of the time I've been doing both, I've had W-2 and that 1099 work. And pairing these together really opens up the market for Nvidia. More than 30 million small businesses in America, 85% of them, have no employees. Creative Cloud and Document Cloud growth. Nvidia is buying fellow chipmaker Arm Holdings in a cash and stock deal worth $40 billion. They're kind of letting the analysis keep them from moving forward.

Cross: I'm looking at Freshpet, Dan; FRPT. So, that's mistake No. It's on track to reach close to $100 billion in 2023, and close to $115 billion in 2024, as more of these management systems move to the cloud. This podcast has become my best resource. I mean, listen, revenue was relatively flat, earnings were up 33%, so that tells you a lot right there.

That is a great way to have project management within your business. And then, of course, the acceleration in e-commerce pulling shipment volumes ahead by three years. I mean, you stick one of those in the microwave, you let that thing go on for a couple of seconds. And it does sound like they are planning for a more robust back half of this year. And Snowflake prices a little bit differently, they price on a consumption-based model, which makes price predictability very difficult and that's something that actually bothers their customers a lot.

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